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Children’s Craft Showcase – Fathers Day Cards and Presents

Fathers day will soon be upon us, it is Sunday 20th June this year and I have been busy thinking about cards and gifts for MadDad.  If you are anything like me then you would prefer to give a home made card every time.I have a couple of very simple ideas for you.


kid made fathers day cards

I was inspired by Valerie at Frugal Family Fun Blog for this card.
Card stock
pencil or pen
circle stickers, various colours
Initially fold your card stock in half to to create a greeting card shape
Draw a number of lines horizontally across the card to make the wire for the birds to sit on.
Depending on the age of your child, you can either cut the stickers for them or help them.


You use half a sticker (semi-circle) for the birds body, a sixth of the sticker to make the tail feathers and an eight of the circle to make the birds beak.
Using either a pencil or a fine liner add some feet and eyes for the birds
It is really easy, simple, very effective and then all that is left is to add your cheesy bird quotesNext up is a twist on our favourite chick cards, we have done this for my niece who is 5 this week.



Card stock
Googlie eyes


Again very simple, Mini cut out two bird shapes (semi circle) and stuck them to the folded card stock.

We used two triangles cut out of foam for their beaks and a feather for the tails.  He also used foam shapes to add an age and name on to the card.

Scrap Art Book Marks

This is a super way of using up and making purposeful bits of art that the children have done.  For ours I used our Mable Paintings.

kid made fathers day bookmarks recycling art


Scissors or paper cutter
Scrap Artwork
Laminator or clear sticky backed plastic (also know as contact paper)



Cut and matt the scrap artwork and your choice or card, making sure that the artwork is slightly smaller than the card backing and glue on.

We made a back for the bookmark out of paper, which read Happy Father’s Day 2009 and then mini decorated it and stuck it on to the rear of the bookmark.

I then laminated them, I got four in to one pouch leaving space for the sheet to adhere between the bookmarks.  If you don’t have a laminator (mine was £5 from Tesco), then you can use clear sticky backed plastic or contact paper.
I then used my guillotine to cut them up to individual double sided book marks.
I hope I have inspired you to get crafting for Father’s day this year  and if you do, I would love for you to come back and link here, so that we can all see and maybe have a try of your ideas too.
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