Childrens Craft Showcase for 2010 8

I started the craft showcase in 2009, becuase once I had the boys I also developed the need to be more creative, which is something I have never ever been before.
Rather than finding it a messy, time consuming and a chore, it is a true joy.  It is helping me get over my perfectionist tendencies, in that I have finally let go and let the boys interprete what I mean and also it doesnt matter if mine doesnt look perfect.
Bearing in mind that the mini mads are 3 and 4 I tend to stick to easy and simple projects that use everyday things.  My neice is also 4 and she is much more creative than the boys, but loves to do all the crafts with us too.
To give you some ideas I have listed some of the projects that we did:
The main thing about crafting with Children is that it doent have to to just right, it is all about letting their creative style come out.  Dont get stressed about anything, preparation is the key, if you have a plastic table cloth, wipes and a hoover then anything can be cleaned up!!
Main Materials
Pre mixed paint – Supermarkets are a great place for value paint
Paper and card – Again supermarkets, Pound Store and The Works
Glitter – Pound store, WH SMiths do a nice pack with just small holes in, ELC also do a glitter in glue.
Craft Sissors for children – Supermarkets and WH Smiths
Masking tape – DIY Store
I find that by keeping my eyes out for good value materials, but you can use most things that you have at home.  You can mix corn flour and food colouring to make a pavement chalk.
The think is I need your help.  I want the craft showcase to be successful, to inspire people and for people to join in.

So please let me know what you want it to be, how often it should be on and what crafts and ideas you would like to cover?
The more input you put in, the better I can make things.