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Childrens Craft Showcase – Home Made Scented Playdough

Lets start the year with an oldie but a goodie and this is something that you can take out when you are lacking in motivation or just need a little break.  Once you have made it you will never again buy it and trust me adding essential oils makes it so nice.
1 and half cups (1 cup is 250ml) of salt
3 cups of warm water
3 cups of plain flour
3 tablespoons of oil
6 teaspoons of cream of tartar
Food colouring
Essential oils, I use lavender, neroli, geranium, camomile
Air tight containers
  1. add the salt and water to a large pan and wait for the salt to melt
  2. add the flour, oil and cream of tartar and heat over a medium heat, stirring continuously until it starts to pull away from the sides
  3. Tip out the dough and need for about 2 mins
  4. Split the dough in to smaller amounts and add food colouring and essential oil
Now we add different smells to the colours, being anal like I am, we have lavender in the blue, etc, etc

Now, I know there are other recipes out there, but this one seems to last better, sometimes up to six months, but then I have children, who like to keep the colours separate (yes strange I know)!
Play dough is not the devil’s play toy, I know some people don’t like it but I have never understood why.  If you have carpet then pop down a plastic tablecloth under the table.
We have a large box of toys to use with it, that have been collected over the years, but the ones that they always come back to, are the rolling pins and cookie cutters.  I just buy inexpensive plastic seasonal ones and use them for both the play dough and the cookies!
If I have inspired you to make any playdough, or just to craft with your children, then please come back and add your link below.  Lets make 2010 the year that we become a little less worried about the mess crafting with children can create and the need to add our perfectionism to the mix and make it the year for fun crafting.

Oh and please, please, please add my button to your sidebar and lets get more children and parents crafting too.  Thank you

Lastly this is your showcase too, if there is anything you would like me to focus on I will.  The plan is to try and keep things seasonal, easy and all encompassing.  Enjoy


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