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Children’s Craft Showcase – How to make paper flowers

heart petal flowers
Heart petal flowers are a really simple way to make flowers for someone special, not for any reason, just to say I love you.  They would also make a really great gift to say thank you to any teacher at this time of the year.
MaterialsTissue Paper Heart Punch or template and scissors Paper Straws (Art straws – 99p from The Works) Paper brads
This is such a simple piece of craft, that Maxi actually made all of our flowers (roses) which we took with us to see The Wiggles and give to Dorothy.
Use the punch to make heart shapes out of tissue paper
With a single hole punch make a hole in each at the point end
Place you tissue paper petals on to the paper brad
Place you brad in to the end of your paper straw.
Keep going until you have a bunch of beautiful paper roses (we gave ours to Dorothy the Dinosaur, when the boys saw The Wiggles)
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