Children’s Craft Showcase – Painting

Sometimes painting with children can seem such a daunting task, it can take on a uncontrollable pace all of its own, which is why it is often great to use paint with an end in mind.
So I set up the painting tings on the dining table yesterday for when I collected the minimads from school and decided we would do blow painting with a straw and then do some marble rolling.
Tray (A bowl would be better from smaller children)
You need to water down your paint for this to make sure that it blows and rolls easily.  I tend to drop blobs of colour one at a time on the paper for the boys to blow with the straw.
I also show them how to turn the paper so that the paint doesn’t come off the edge.
They both prefer marble rolling, they have such fun and we all ended up in a pile on the floor laughing at all the times the marble left the tray, which is why a washing up bowl would be easier for smaller children.
You can also use a larger ball and dip the ball in the pain rather than rolling it through a large splodge on the paper.
I love the randomness of the images and the ways the colours blend.  We had a great fun few hours.
So anyone who is doing crafting with their children, please link up below, I would love to see what you are doing and get some inspiration for me and the boys.

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