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Childrens Craft Showcase – Volcano’s

I dont know about your children, but my two are now obsessed with volannco’s thanks to the icelandic one.
We caught them making thier own volancic ash cloud with dust and mud from the pavement and then water on Friday evening and decided that we would have a go a making our own active volcano.
Bicarbinate of soda
Hot water
Food colouring
Salt dough is optional, mine wanted their bottles to look like mountains!
Fill the bottles 2 thirds full with hot water and add a drop of washing up liquid and food colouring (to make your lava authentic!).  Add two table spoons of bicard to the warm water solution.
We popped the vinigar in to a bottle so the boys could add it themselves

So if you and your children have been busy making any crafts at all, please come and link to this page.


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