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Valentine Heart craft for kids

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Well this week, we are going with a valentines theme.  Yep seasonal over here at TheMadHouse.  Again, I am hoping to inspire you out there with children to craft and play with them.  To get over your need for perfectionism and fear of mess and just go with the flow and enjoy.
If we do inspire you, then please use the McLinky below and link to any post that you do about crafting with children.  I would love to see and hear about your time crafting with your children.
One of the best things I bought in the sales was a large paper punch in a heart shape (mine is 3inch), the boys love to punch away at anything, the fact that they can do it themselves is great and makes life so much easier for me.
Tissue paper
Lolly pops
Glue Stick
What we are going to make are some heart flower lolly’s and some book marks.  This is a great use for any scribblings that the children have done previously.
Now we punched the hearts out on our 3 inch heart punch, but you can just cut them out, or if your children are big enough they could cut them out.
Then you need to punch a whole in the bottom of the heat and fold them in half.
Then you need to layer the hearts (petals) and a lolly on the centre hole.
We did this with both coloured paper, tissue paper and pre decorated paper.  The plan is for the mini mads to give them to their valentines!
Until then they make a heart centerpiece for the dining table.  We also made some with pipe cleaner centres.
We also made some heart bookmarks, which the boys are going to give to their teachers.
Take two card hearts, one slightly smaller than the other and in different colours and glue the smaller one to the other, only the top half mind you!!
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