Childrens Halloween Party 6

We have been to my Brother and Sister in Laws social club this evening for the children Halloween party and it was and always is a fantastic night.
It is a night for all the children and most of them dress up (except for MaxiMad who goes as himself) and have a great time.
Cheesy tunes are played by the Menacing Boys Disco, parents are dragged up on the stage to show off the dance routines to the children and party games are played. 
Apples are bobbed and fancy dress competitions take place.
Toffee apples, Halloween cakes and toffee lollies are eaten.
It is always a wonderful experiance and tonight is was no exception.  So thank you SIL, you made it a great night as always and we will see you on Thursday for the Children’s Bonfire Night Extravaganza, which I am especially looking forward to (inside and outside disco, jacket potatoes, hot chocolate and fireworks).
PS Sorry for the lack of pictures I was far too busy enjoying myself and dancing myself silly with my two wonderful boys!