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Chocolate cornflake nests – cooking with kids

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Sometimes when you are trying to encourage your kids into the kitchen you just need a simple recipe that is fun to make and chocolate cornflake nests fit that bill and are super fun for kids of all ages to make as there is no baking or oven involved.

cornflake nests

To start we needed to go shopping to get the correct ingredients, so we visited our local Asda.  We picked up a block of dark chocolate and one of mil, some mini eggs and then went to the cereal aisle.  That was where a heated discussion took place between the MiniMads as they decided between rice krispies or cornflakes for the nests.

cornflakes or rice krispies

In the end cornflakes won, as Mini had made rice krispie nests at school and the boys decided that Cornflakes looked more nest like!

How to make chocolate cornflake nests


cornflake nests


  • Chocolate – we like a mix of milk and dark
  • Kelloggs Cornflakes
  • Mini Eggs
  • Golden Syrup (optional, this makes the chocolate stay pliable for longer, so perfect for younger kids)


Tip– Kids and chocolate can get messy, so make sure you have put aprons on them and have a bowl of warm soapy water handy for washing chocolate covered fingers.

Start by breaking up the chocolate into small pieces and placing them into a microwave proof bowl and then cook on high power for 30 seconds at a time until the chocolate is melted.

cornflake nests1

If you have younger children add a tablespoon of golden syrup to the mixture to keep the chocolate liquid for longer.

cornflake nests 2

Add cornflakes to the melted chocolate in small amounts until you have all the cornflakes covered and no melted chocolate left.

cornflake nests 3

Spoon the chocolate coated  cornflakes in to cake cases and add your Mini Eggs before they set.

cornflake nests 4

Then let the kids enjoy licking the spoons and cleaning the bowls.

Chocolate cornflake nests

What is your favorite easter recipe and do you use cornflakes or rice krispies on your Chocolate Nests?

chocolate cornflakes nests square


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