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Choosing the perfect family car

When it comes to choosing the perfect family car, there are a number of factors to consider. The two most important considerations include choosing a vehicle that will keep the little one’s safe and also, a model that will meet all of your needs as a parent.

Choosing the perfect family car

Safety first

Whether you’re searching for an SUV or a small 4 x4, it’s important to pick a car that boasts good performance in crash tests. Finding this information is easy and there are a number of government websites available to help you – all of which feature the latest test results for a variety of car makes and models.


 Another important factor to consider is space. From having enough room to fit the shopping for a family of four or more in the boot, to ensuring your new car caters to the likes of hockey sticks, homework folders, your children’s latest art projects and also, an army of friends. As a parent we know it’s not uncommon for us mums to do the school run for our own kids as well as several others – so space is a must!

Choosing the perfect family car 2

How you use your car

Asides from the daily school run, supermarket trips and weekend shenanigans, it’s always a good idea to think about when and where you will use your car. Many families will use their weekends to explore the surrounding scenery, embark on an adventure or head to the country for a few days. It’s important to choose a vehicle that will allow you to do just this. Once you’ve made sure the boot will house every possible item you could ever need for your trip away, it’s now time to check its road-worthiness. Models such as the Jeep Renegade not only promise great fuel economy but they’re also perfectly sized for family adventures.

Choosing a new family car isn’t easy and as you can see, there are a number of factors to consider. To ensure you pick the right make and model, always ask yourself a few simple questions beforehand – think about when and where you will be using the car, how many children, bags and adults you’ll need to fit into the vehicle, fuel economy costs and off-road adventure performance (especially if you enjoy a weekend exploration with the kids every now and again). Once you have these answers at hand, you can then begin the exciting search for your new family vehicle.