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Christmas Cakes are done and dusted

I have made and decorated 4 large Christmas cakes this year with the help of my wonderful family (recipe can be found here)

This one is for my in laws, My Father in law loves fruit cake and prefers square cakes!!
I am a fan of retro and old fashions cake toppers of my youth, so have grabbed them off my Mum and MIL when ever I have had the chance.
This one is for my mum
This one is for my mums best friend, who always treats the boys like her own grandchildren and is a very speical lady.
Finally ours, which has had to have a full re-ice after minimad ate it all!!
I have put it out of reach this time and it will be cut New Years Eve and served with some cheese as is the Yorkshire Way!!
Once you have tasted home made cakes, there is no going back.
So if anyone sees any vintage cake toppers, please let me know, as people tend not to always return them!!


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