Christmas Decorations in TheMadHouse 8

Who am I? I’m Caesar Augustus!
I live far away in Rome
And I want to count all my subjects
So, Mary and Joseph, GO HOME!
Please let me take you on a tour of TheMadHouse dressed for Christmas……
First my wreath as you come to the front door
Then the advent stockings hung over the fire
Meet Rudolf one and Rudolf two the very annoying jungle bell rock singing and ear flapping reindeer that the minimads adore given to them my Grandma.
My Plastic 1960’s Santa, which is older than me and pinched off my mum, which guards the dinning room door.
More signing and dancing scary  soft toys, purchased for the MiniMads
The nativity that was my mums, which sits on the lamp table in the sitting room
Our Tree, which hides behind the sofa, so MiniMad and Mr Smudge, does attack it in equal measure!
MadDad and I have a tradition of buying one bauble for the tree a year, since we were married nearly 14 year ago
The twig lights which are decorated with garlands from Ikea

MadDad’s stocking, which I made this year with the left over fleece I made the advent stockings from.
My Stocking, which I made too.
The MiniMads stockings dated with the year they were born.
The small tree in our dinning room which will be covered in boy made decorations by Christmas day.
I hope this has given you a taste of what Christmas looks like in TheMadHouse.
More pictures to come over the coming weeks.

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8 thoughts on “Christmas Decorations in TheMadHouse

  • Geriatric Mummy

    Very festive. Love the door wreath. You put us to far…2 xmas cards…thats it. Must do better ! x

  • planb

    You are amazing! Our house looks exactly as it always does, only with more wrapping paper and cardboard boxes in…. I will decorate it, I promise. Just let me get these birthdays and Christenings out of the way first…

  • Emily O

    Your house looks so festive! We're getting the box of Christmas decorations out of the loft tomorrow. They're all a bit tired and cheap though. Love your plastic 60s Santa – he's retro!

  • bad penny

    lovely. Your Nativity set is much like the one I grew up with which I now own. I usually add to my collection of decorations each year.

  • cowgirl in wellies

    Very sweet. You're very brave to put out a family heirloom nativity with little ones. We're only a couple of days into having the decorations out ant already the mending pile is building.

  • Liz@Violet Posy

    That is one gorgeously decorated Christmas home, I love the wreath and your tree is beautiful! Happy Christmas xxx

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