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Christmas Gift Guide Roundup 2023

I love giving a good gift. I am not one for quantity over quality and would prefer to give a gift that the recipient would really want. This year I have produced a number of Christmas gift guides, so I thought it would make sense to round them up in one place and update it for 2023.

This year I have produced a number of Christmas gift guides, so I thought it would make sense to round them up in one place

I haven’t done a Tots Christmas gift guide this year, personally, I think that younger children are the easiest to buy for.

Christmas Gift Guide Roundup 2023

Perfect Gifts for Grandparents and In-Laws

This year I have produced a number of Christmas gift guides, so I thought it would make sense to round them up in one place

I think the trick for buying for my MIL is to give gifts that I would want to receive myself. When the boys were younger they loved personalised gifts that the boys had made. Now we also treat them to their favourite foods, but all they really want is to spend more time with their grandchildren and son!

Great gifts for Tween Boys, aged 9-12

tween christmas gift guide

The tween years are when gifts start to get specific and more expensive, but we have you covered with the tween boys gift guide, books they will love and Top comics for ten year old boys. My boys also really loved Star Wars Books at this age.

Ultimate Teen Boy Gift Guide

Teens  gift Guide

If you think Tweens are hard and expensive, just wait for the teen years! You can not buy throughput the year as fad and favourites change and it becomes about tech and specifics!

I have so much fun doing the boys stockings every year so make sure you check it out. This is a fun-filled Christmas gift guide.

Top Gifts for Teen Girl or Niece

Teens christmas gift Guide

Having two boys myself, I LOVE shopping for my two teen Nieces. I get to buy different things and I really enjoy it.

Fabulous Ethical and Plastic-Free Gifts for Teens 2023

Buying gifts for teens can be a challenge at the best of times, but buying meaningful and ethical gifts can be hard. So I have got together with my boys’ to bring you this amazing Ethical and plastic free gift guide for teens. 

Gifts people working from Home will really love

Working from home gift guide

2020 will forever be known as the year we stayed home and lots more people got to enjoy the joy of working from home including my husbeast. So never has a work from home gift guide been more needed. I love the privilege of being able to work from home. Also this year Maxi started hybrid working, so there are two of us working from home now!

Great Gifts for Dad

Father's Day Gift Guide

I think that men can be a challenge to buy for – I would never try to buy clothes for the husbeast as he always returns them!

Alternative Christmas gifts – A year of family experiences

Alternative Christmas gifts - A year of family experiences

This year has just confirmed to me just how much I adore the company of my family and I love the idea of giving a year of experiences instead of physical gifts. Things that we can enjoy together.

Great gifts for Mums or Great gifts I would wish to receive!

When I was younger I would have got really upset at receiving something for the house as a present, but now it thrills me to get something that I want! I also have found that the older I have got the more expensive my tastes have become!   The Mad House’s guide to great gifts for Mums, but it really is Great Gifts I would Want to Receive, so I hope you are reading boys!

Over 100 Gifts for Quilters and Sewists

This quilters gift list really is perfect for the sewists and quilters in your life. Whether it is for an elevated version of a tool they always use or for something else. There is a gift for every budget.

Ultimate Gilmore Girls Gift Guide

The ultimate Gilmore Girls gift guide for the super fans in your life, with the best Stars Hollow and Gilmore Girls gift ideas for all.

Candle Lovers Gift Guide

Candle lovers  gift guide

Do you have someone in your life that loves Candles, but you are not sure what to get them, then this candle lovers gift guide is for you. Not just candles, but all things including match strikers and more.

Perfect Gifts for Crafters

I am going to share with you my tips and tricks on how to choose the perfect gifts for crafters for 2023. These gifts for crafty people are perfect for inspiring your maker friends—or grabbing for yourself! 

5 Fantastic Kid made gifts

Is there anything better than receiving a homemade card……. yes, a homemade gift and I love receiving the gift a child has made.  Over the years the boys have made lots of gifts, in fact, it is something that we have become known for.  We make the Grandparents and family gifts and also their teachers get a kid made gift at Christmas too. 5 kid made gifts that you would like to receive! 

Over 50 Last minute homemade edible gifts for Christmas

These Homemade edible gifts are perfect for friends, family, neighbours, teachers or any food lover in your life!  They can be made last minute or if you are a better planner than me make them in advance! I couldn’t leave them off the Christmas gift guide.

Over 50 Last-minute homemade gifts for Christmas

I am a big fan of handmade and homemade gifts for Christmas and have collated a great guide to simple last-minute homemade gifts that are perfect for Christmas.