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Christmas traditions – Christmas Eve

I blogged last year about our Christmas traditions, about creating memories and making our own traditions as a family.  Including a little of mine and MadDads best Christmas’s and sprinkling some new things, some things that are unique to us and to our life.  I want these tradition to cement the boys memories of their Christmas’s past and lead them happily in to their Christmas’s of their future.

We have our advent stocking activities each day, which is wonderful and we also make sure that we have done all the shopping, wrapping and running around by Christmas Eve and we make a big day of it.


The Christmas Eve Elves visit on the morning of the 24th, they leave a bag for each of us and it includes:

  • New Pajamas (you need to look good in the photographs on Christmas morning)
  • A book to read or colour
  • DVD’s
  • Some chocolate!

MadDad takes the day off and we listen to Christmas music and prepare the vegetables, we watch Christmas movies and eat popcorn whilst stringing it up to put round the Christmas tree and we sprinkle reindeer food on the drive.  We leave  a mince pie and milk for Father Christmas and a carrot for Rudolf (I made a special plate last year just for this).

We also hang up our special key for Father Christmas to get in to the house, as the boys worried that we don’t have a chimney for him.


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