Christmas TV Quiz 9

I have a little Christmas TV quiz for you courtesy of UK TV.  Me and the husbeast had a blast testing our christmas TV trivia with this Christmas TV Quiz.   It is perfect for TV addicts or anyone wanting to test their TV knowledge and is a little bit of fun this Christmas time.

Christmas TV quiz

II was pretty good with the food questions and always managed to beat him on them!   Saying that his TV knowledge is much better than mine, I am not sure what that says about our viewing habits?  Perhaps I need a little less Instagram or Facebook and more TV.    Have a go and see if you can beat my top score of 140.  I was doing great, but spinning Dave for 4 turns finished me off completely!

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We are not normally a massive TV viewing family, but we do love Christmas TV and spending time watching a movie or a show together while snacking on the christmas chocolates is something of a tradition here in the Mad House.  What are you looking forward to watching this Christmas?

Disclosure: Post in collaboration with UK TV

9 thoughts on “Christmas TV Quiz

  • Shell Louise

    Little bit addictive, that quiz! I played 3 times and this was my best score!
    You scored 380 points over 39 rounds.
    Bonus points: 2 lives left = 200
    Round bonus: 10
    Final score 590 points 🙂

    I tried to share it on Facebook but it wouldn’t connect so I’ll share the whole post as I know some friends who will enjoy this quiz as much as I did!

  • JuggleMum, Nadine Hill

    Many years ago I would have got all the answers correct on a TV quiz but since I started blogging I have no idea what’s on the telly! We do love a family movie though so I will be watching some of those this Christmas with the kids!

  • Cass@frugalfamily

    We do’t watch TV at all really – unless it’s blooming Sky Sports News which would be on all day every day if I let it. I don[‘t think we had our TV on at all from the evening of the 23rd right through to last night when we watched Through the Keyhole on catch up.

    I’m sure I missed lots that I would have loved but if I don’t know about it then I can’t be that bothered lol

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