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Clay Mittens Christmas Decoration

We are a big fan of using air drying clay to make Christmas decorations and festive keepsakes and I am delighted at how these kid made clay mittens Christmas decorations turned out.  From experience, I know that as long as we pack them away carefully we can bring them out year after year to decorate our home.

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Last week Cass and Miss F from Diary of a Frugal Family came for a crafternoon and we decided to get the clay out.  Miss F made some delightful shabby chic clay decorations and Maxi made these beautiful clay mittens inspired by the work of Terry HoganAir drying clay is such a great tactile craft material and both of my boys love using it.

Clay Mittens Christmas Decoration


How to make Clay Mittens Christmas Decoration

Roll out your clay to about 3/4mm thickness and then if you want to make an imprint now is the time to do it by overlaying your lace and rolling over the top of it.

Position your cookie cutter and press.

If you want to make a hole to hang now is the time (as you can see we forgot to do that, so had to improvise with our decoration!

So we decided to wrap our mittens with butchers twine threaded with tiny pompoms (you need a large eyed needle for this).

We then added a loop of twine to the rear on hang on the tree.

Make sure that you add the date that you make on the back to remind you each year.

How to make beautiful clay mittens Christmas decorations from air drying clay. The perfect Christmas keepsakes to bring out each festive season.

This is part of our Kid-Made Christmas Decoration Series, each day of the month of November a new decoration will be added, so make sure you keep checking back.

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