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Colouring on Fabric

One of the things that we love to do as a family is to sit and colour in.  I find it really therapeutic and have some adult colouring in books, so I don’t feel left out when the boys are colouring.  Crafting as a family doesn’t have to take lots of equipment or even lots of time and this is a great activity for fitting in to small amounts of time.

coloring on fabric

When I saw Tidny Fabric at Ikea I knew it would be perfect for family colouring sessions.  It is great to get it out of the cupboard and set it at the table for times when we all need to wind down and have a good chat.  Slowly over time it is getting filled in more and more and we all really enjoy doing this.

We are using fabric pens thaa £7.99 from Yellow Moon and are just like felt tips and you set the colour to the fabric permanently by ironing it.  We are going to turn our finished fabric into cushion covers for the family room.  It is a great activity for people of all ages as the pens do not bleed through the fabric, like felt tips can sometimes on paper.

colouring hats

But you do not have to just colour in on sheets of fabric, the boys have also personalised some caps too.  They had so much fun making them there own and this way they do not get confused as to which is theirs!

colouring collage

You can find so many more simple art and drawing ideas on this week’s something for the weekend post.


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