Colouring in for all ages 12

I am a great believer in crafting together as a family.  However, I appreciate that it is not everyones cup of tea.  I am, always on the lookout for ways to get the boys involved and love things we can do as a family that do not take any setting up or make a lot of mess for times when we have a spare 30 minutes.

family colouring


One such activity, which is perfect for all the family is colouring on fabric.    The fabric is from Ikea (TIDNY)and is only £7  per meter and the fabric pens are £7.99 from Yellow Moon.  It is an ongoing project and once it is all coloured in I am going to set the c0louring by ironing the fabric and then make it into cushion covers for the family room.

The fabric is really think, so is perfect for children of all ages as you do not have to worry about younger children being heavy handed and ripping the paper or the colour bleeding through.  We are also going to get the fabric paints out and use them to do some of the colouring too.

I love this for so many reasons.  It is something that we can all do (adults too), it is a quiet activity that gives us time to chat and laugh together as you can see from the images below!

colouring Collage


This month I am sharing some of my top tips to connect families over on The Family Wellbeing Club with Actimel.  It is a really great website which asks you some basic questions about your family and then comes up with some tips which are very simple, but should have a great impact on the wellbeing of your family.


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