Come over and take a look at TheMadHouse Makes – Blatant Self Publicity!

As you know I love to craft and make things, whether that be with the boys or for the boys.  They have certainly brought out the creative side of me.
So in order to help fund my fabric addiction and also to try and bring in some extra money (which we sorely need –  £82 for 2 pairs of school shoes!), I have decided to start selling some things that I make.
Now I have no idea what will sell, so I am dipping my toe in the water, but I would also like to say that I can make to order should anyone wish.
So please take a look and subscribe or become a follower on my new site TheMadHouse Makes.

I am also busy stocking my Folksy Shop too, which can be found here 

So here is an idea of the things I can and have made:

Fabric table mat with place settings – £6.70 inc postage. 

Pencil rolls – £6.50 including postage

Children’s celebration crowns – £15.00 including postage
Mother of Pearl button hearts – £5.00 including postage
Soy wax tea cup candle, Jasmin scented £10.00 plus £3.70 postage

Quilted Laptop/Mac book covers – £25.00 including postage

I am more than will to work with you to personalise and choose fabric, if you are interested then please get in touch.