The comfort of a soft toy 11

Maxi was never a child to find comfort in an object or a soft toy, but Mini has always had a comforter.  His bears are worn and threadbare from over seven years of constant cuddling and affection.   Now at eight Maxi goes to bed every night with a menagerie of soft toys to chat too or play with including my first ever bear, well rabbit that was made for me by my godmother nearly 40 years ago.

mini's much loved bears

Mini can not sleep without the company of Red Bear, Bear Bear or Spare Bear (yes we bought two incase one got lost).

IKEA understands the comfort that a soft toy can bring and for the tenth year are running their Soft Toy for Education campaign. They donate one Euro for every soft toyor children’s book sold between now and January 4th.  We are big fans of IKEA’s toys here in The Mad House.  I feel that they are often really well thought out and last for such a long time and I have to say I adore this years new additions.  Not only are they great value, they also encourage play.

RS60891_12. IKEA children's hats RRP £3-scr

How perfect are these hats at only £3 each and yes 1 Euro of that goes to charity.

RS60890_11. IKEA PIFFIG children's shoes RRP £5-scr


And these shoes at £5 a pair would never be off Mini’s feet!

I know that I will be picking up a couple of sets when we are next in IKEA.  The Soft Toy for Education campaign donates €1 for every soft toy or childrens book sold to children’s education through UNICEF and Save the Children.  Since 2003 the campaign has reached more than 10 million children through 90 projects in 46 different countries. The total amount donated by the IKEA Foundation is €57 million, which is just mind blowing.

Disclosure: I have received no compensation or any kind in exchange for this post.  I believe that this is a brilliant campaign and that the soft toys are great value for money and will be purchasing my own when next in IKEA.