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As you know I am passionate about cooking with kids and one of the things that make me sad is that my boys can not learn to cook and bake with my mum like I did, especially as this coming Sunday 2nd October is Grandparents Day.  But I am delighted to be working on this fab #CookSomethingGrand campaign about cooking with your grandkids.

Cook with your Grandkids

My boys were very young (5 and 4) when my Mum died, but they still remember making traffic light jellies with her every week and also cooking scrambled egg with her.  I think it is wonderful that they have these memories and they are very much the same as mine when I was a child, where mum would let me eat a cube from the block of jelly and she did the same with the boys and they still insist on using blocks of jelly rather than packets.


Grandparents have a big role to play in cooking with kids.  Researched carried out by Unilever and Hubbub revealed that 68% of parents indicating that they would like their children to spend more time cooking with their grandparents, the awareness day provides the perfect opportunity for older generations to share their knowledge and culinary skills with younger generations.


So to mark Grandparents day, Unilever and Hubbub are creating a treasury of delicious, child-friendly family recipes to inspire other grandparents to get cooking with their grandchildren.  Whether it’s apple crumble, hotpot or a fish pie, visit and share your favourite family recipe along with a photo of you cooking with your family.  The best will be featured in a special recipe collection for Grandparents’ Day on the Hubbub website.

There are some fab tips in the video below:

For me, it isn’t just about Grandparents having the time to help and teach their grandkids to cook, but also the fact that they are often much calmer and have some wonderful skills and recipes to pass on to the younger generation.  I am not sure I would have even considered being as hands-on with my children if it wasn’t for the fantastic role model my mum was and the way she interacted with my boys in the kitchen.


The importance of grandparents in teaching cooking. It is so important for children that their grandparents cook with them, in fact, it is essential. Why grandparents have such a big role in the kitchen.   68% of parents indicating that they would like their children to spend more time cooking with their grandparents.


Disclosure: I’m working with Hubbub and Unilever in a paid relationship 


7 thoughts on “Cook with your Grandkids – #CookSomethingGrand

  • Louise

    This is a fabulous initiative. My mum is a brilliant baker and we used to spend hours making cakes and pies with her. When we visit next i will show her this to see if i can tempt her to bake with the boys – i know she would love to. x

  • Michelle Twin Mum

    My Granddad was a chef and it was him that taught me to cook and inspired me to get my Chefing qualifications too. Some of my happiest memories are of staying at my grandparents on a weekend and cooking together on the Sunday. Mich x

  • Erica Price

    I love the sound of grandparents day. Time with grandparents is very special and I often wish I’d been able to meet my one grandfather and see more of the other.

  • Anne

    I think it’s great to encourage children to cook whether you’re a grandparent or not. I remember my nan teaching me to make pastry, her apple pies were amazing and we all couldn’t wait for her mince pies at Christmas time.

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