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Cooking with flowers

An increasing number people are deciding to cook with flowers. With famous chefs adding edible flowers into their recipes and restaurants serving up dishes with these luxury additions, it is no surprise we are interested in them also!

What to look for in edible flowers

You should look for flowers that are colourful and stand out without brown spots or discolouration.

When you find an edible flower you should ensure you know enough information about it before you begin cooking with it. Be sure they are not poisonous or hazardous to your health.

Once you have eliminated any poisonous flowers, you can begin cooking!

There are so many options available with edible flowers – you can use them to garnish a salad, fry them up, use them in drinks or bake them.

Edible flowers

Whilst there is a huge range of edible flowers available, here are some of the most popular:


This flower may irritate some people’s skin but is great with fish dishes. It has the taste of celery so works really well with cod and salmon. You can also add this flower to salads for an extra crunch and flavour.


This is an obvious favourite in the culinary world due to its nutty, peppery flavour. It is often used in salads or within winter dishes. The best way to use this flower is to simply sprinkle it into salads, sandwiches and soups.


Whilst the carnation may be one of the UK’s most favourite flowers to have for decoration around the home – it is also a cooking favourite. This is largely due to its spicy, clove like flavour which is a winner in most dishes. This flower is perfect for adding to ice creams or sorbets to inject a little extra flavour.  Carnations are readily available from Serenata.


Most cooks use lavender to make a lavender sugar which is then added to biscuits, cakes and jams. You can also add lavender to stock to create a tasty sauce for duck, chicken and lamb dishes.

With the addition of these flowers to your dishes, you are guaranteed to create the feast of the year.

edible flowers

Image by (Arugula salad)