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When did the term Mum or Mum become so derogatory? Why is having Mum hair or Mom hair as the NY times put it, such a bad thing? Mom hair a “longer-in-back, slightly–shorter-in-front bob” and apparently is inescapably frumpy!

it is Cool to be a mother, this one goes out to all the Mothering hero's out there.

Juan Carlos Maciques, a stylist at the Rita Hazan salon in Manhattan states that us Mums cut off our hair as we feel lousy about their bodies.  According to him, I cut off my hair to improve my self-esteem, not to stop Maxi’s grubby little fingers pulling at it all the time and trying to eat it!  I tried tying it back, but he just pulled out my ponytail and a handful of hair!

me and maxi

Me and my mum hair!

You see being a mum is am an amazing thing, we have grown people.  Yes, real human beings have popped out of our bodies and this should be celebrated, not bemoaned.

So lets BIG UP the mums, the arse wipers, the life jugglers, the school runners, the gin swiggers, the homework helpers, the meal planners, the hair washers, the teeth cleaners, the tangle tamers, the shoppers, the online orderers, the sports day cheerers, the sideline campaigners, the PTA mums, the homeschoolers, the mums who buy cakes, the mums who make cakes, the shoe lace tiers, the laundry mountain climbers, the 2am medicators, the sibling mediators, the breastfeeders, the bottle feeders, the weaners, the badge sewers, the taxi’s drivers, the hand holders, the lullaby singers, the calmness bringers, the tea drinkers, the house cleaners, the drama divas,  the cheerleaders, the storytellers, the bill payers, the money makers, the movers and shakers, the party planners, the appointment keepers, the list makers, the nail cutters, the bed makers, the cooks, the tear wipers, the coaches, the volunteers, the wi-fi providers.  I salute you one and all.

The time has come, the time is now Mother is an empowering word.  My Mum always taught me that women were amazing, in fact she had a jumper that said never underestimate the power of a woman.

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Just look at the beautiful Katie from Mummy, Daddy and Me, Mum to three wearing her fantastic Mama Sweater from Selfish Mother who have donated £188k to charities from the sale of their products.

Anna aka Mother Pukka is busy parenting the shit out of life in her Parent Apparel sweat from The Dandy Kid.

But this is just the tip, we have Mama sweats from Southwood Stores.  The Mama Squad where all net proceeds of their tees and sweets go to a charity supporting pre and postnatal depression. Mere Soeur who want to celebrate sisterhood and empower mothers.  Why not grab yourself a Mama necklace from Mum of three Anna Lou of London or celebrate your family with a beautiful family tree necklace from Chambers and Beau.

More than a Mother?

I am no longer afraid to wear my mother status on my sleeve, neck or chest, but it wasn’t alway like this.  When the boys were little I was so tired and I felt differently.  I had gone from business women to a mother and it felt that my self-esteem was based on what I did, not who I was.  I didn’t want to be known as Mini and Maxi’s Mum, I wanted to be Jen.  However, as the boys have got older, I have learned that being a mother has highlighted new aspects of my personality and made me more of a person.

I am ready to take ownership of being a mother, give it the status it deserves and stop using it as a derogatory term.

I would love to know what you think.  Do you feel empowered as a mother?  Did it change the way you feel? Are you sick of the way people use Mother, Mum, Mom or Mummy as a negative label?

Also, do you have a favorite “Mothering or Parenting” merchandise that I have missed, leave me a comment and let me know?

Women are amazing

8 thoughts on “It is cool to be a Mother

  • Notmyyearoff

    It really annoys me when people belittle mums and keep going on about “oh I’m not just a mum” as if they want to distance themselves from it all. It’s the single hardest thing I’ve ever done and I will happily shout from the rooftops about it. I do love all this Mama sweats. I think I need to get one!

  • Fozia S

    It’s sad that people seem to have a lesser opinion of mums. This needs to change! I am proud of being a mum and no comments will change that

  • Kate Williams

    I wear the traditional ‘mum uniform’ of skinny jeans, stripey top and black converse most days. Makes me happy, what’s the eqivilent dad haircut or dad uniform anyway?!

  • Michelle Twin Mum

    It sounds cliche, but it is indeed one of the most important jobs in the world. We need a world full of responsible adults and they will only get there with our input. Mich x

  • Anthea

    I think it’s just another cog in the much larger ‘keep women in their place’ picture. I am a woman first and foremost and beyond that I am so many things. I am my children’s mother, my mothers daughter, my brothers sister, my partners lover, my friends confidant, my Dr’s patient…

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