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Cornflour dough tealight holders for Solstice

We live in Northern England and during this time of year it is dark and we love to light up our home with candles and decided to make some cornflour dough tealight holders for Solstice.  Maxi decided to make them in the shape of the sun to celebrate the shortest day and welcome the lengthening of the hours of sun we would receive.

cornflour dough tealight holders

We used our white clay recipe, which is really easy to make, so much so that Maxi made it himself and once the dough had cooled down we used cookie cutters to shape our tealight holders.

cornflour dough

By keeping the cookie cutter in place and then pressing in a tealight we created an indentation to take the tealight.

For a number of the tealight holders we made, we mixed in some glue glitter, which made the dough so sparkly.

dough tea light holders

We baked our decorations in the oven on 80 degrees C for 2 hours, turning once  and then left them to dry completely overnight.  You can just leave your dough to air dry.

tea light holders made with cornflour dough

Once they were dry we used yellow acrylic paint for the suns and silver poster paint for some of the stars, before maxi sprinkle glitter over them.  The snowflakes that already had glitter in them we just placed a tiny layer of PVA and a minimal amount of glitter on.

corn flour dough tea light holders

I am delighted with the tealight holders, they are beautiful and the glitter really reflects the flame.

If you have smaller children then you can use battery operated tea lights.

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