Crafting with Boys 5

I love crafting.  More than crafting myself I love crafting with my boys.  I love watching them get all excited about the things they make and the way that they glow with pride when they present people with their finished makes.    Being creative isn’t something that should be left just to girls and I have and do encourage my boys to be as creative as possible.  for me this means not only with art work, but with cooking, making music and just life in general. Sometimes though I find that other things take over and we need something that we can fit in with Beavers, reading and being outside, this is where Yellow Moon comes in to its own.  More often that not they have perfect craft activities which are quick and the boys can do with minimal or no supervision. I have to say that these design a day key rings really caught the boys imagination and they made their own footballers, but they would be perfect for chirtmas or birthdays as you could pop a photo of someones head in and they could draw their body and even better they are only £3.99 for a 8 keyrings. We also spent some time making our own bunting, half of which has been hung in our conservatory (the other half is in Frugal Family’s kitchen).  Everyone had so much fun with this activity.  You get 16 flags with the Yellow Moon design your own bunting kit for £6.99 and we also used these Glotto Fabric Pens, which had a felt pen style and are the easiest fabric pens I have ever used.  perfect for children and are £8.99 for 12     Disclosure: We were sent a free samples of the above products from Yellow Moon