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Crafting with Children – Make your own wrapping paper

make your own footprint wrapping paper
This is another really simple, but fun childrens craft, which will save you some pennies over the Christmas period and also over the year to come.
Paper – we have a roll of white paper from Ikea £2.99
Washable paints
Paper plates
Washing up bowl filled with soapy water
Now I am not going to pretend this is a clean craft, no sir, it is a messey, fun and wonderful craft and if you are feeling up to it then why not join in too.  If you have a fine day then you can always go outside for this one.
Now I do not have images of this work in progress, I was was too busy joining in and helping out!!
But it is super simple, lay out the paper – we laid ours through our lounge/diner and make some patterns on it, we decided to do foot prints and splats.  I placed some of the paint on o the paper plates, so the boys could put their feet in it.  I did warn you it can get messey.  We also opted for multi colour, but as Christmas is coming you could stick to festive colours of red and green or perhaps gold and silver.  You could also add gliter whilst the paint in wet.

This would also look great with a roll of brown paper.

If I have inspired you at all to make your own wrapping paper then please add you link to the McLinky below.

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