Crayola 3D Pavement Chalk

I love toys that encourage outside play and have let the boys lose on our pavements with both chalk and homemade paint before now, so we were happy to review the Crayola 3D pavement chalk.

We liked:

The chalk is both simple to use and effect and yes it is 3D.  It is very reasonably priced currently under £4 on  It does come off easily after a rain shower or event a watering can of water.

We wernt keen:

The duel ended chalk we were sent snapped far too easily and with heavy handed boys didn’t last any time at all.  Also it is hard to shape the tips of them once they have been worn down and are actually too chunky for little hands to use.

Mini couldn’t use the 3D glasses with his spectacles on, so he didn’t wear his specs, which gave him a headache.


I think the 3D effect is something of a gimic and having one child that wears glasses the ones provided are not really suitable for him. I would stick to normal chalk in the future, edspeically as my children are five and six, although older children might get more use out of the 3D aspect.

Disclosure: we were provided with a free pack of the chalks