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Creating an Office and Study Space in our Dining Room – Plans

One of the things I adore about our home is its flexibility. Over the years I have worked from our kitchen table, the box room upstairs or even the sofa. I have been able to move around the house to ensure that I am present for my family.

Over the last six months, we made the decision to move my sewing stuff from the dining room (I had to clear the dining table of my sewing machine pretty much every day) to the box room upstairs and bring down my Mac and create an office and study space in the dining room. This has become more important as Mini no longer has a desk in his room since his redecoration.

Over the next few weeks, I will be collaborating with Wayfair to bring my ideas to life.

have been playing with their room planner tool to produce some mood boards/room plans for options. This room is a heavily used room. It leads from the lounge room (on the left – imagine the window being a double width opening) to the kitchen (behind where the desk is) and the conservatory (to the right of the room) as well as housing my beloved Ercol sideboard and dresser that was my parents and our dining table which is used daily for family meals.

Using the room planner I made a pretty accurate replica of our room down to the Kandinsky on the wall!

We need a desk area that will house my iMac but also be perfect for Mini to work on. A chair that can be used on a regular basis by all of the family (I work from home. An area that fits in with our aesthetic and decor (I love mid-century design and we have a lot of oak furniture). All of this needs to be on a budget as I have two teens (as of 24 June) but also built to last.

I have had a fun few hours decision on some options and I have to say it really helps to be able to visualise the room, especially as I am trying to sell this idea to the husbeast.

At the moment Wayfair has a fab Room Planner Competition where you could win a voucher worth up to £300 to spend on You don’t have to design a study are like me. Oh no, you can get creative and virtually design the sets you know and love from your favourite TV shows and films using the Wayfair Room Planner as they have lots of backgrounds for you to choose from or you could even upload a background yourself.

So keep a close eye on my Instagram over the next few weeks and I will show you exactly what Wayfair have chosen to send to make our dream room possible.