Creative update and Nightmares in Children 13

Well with the laptop still not being well, I have been busy in the craft room.  MaxiMad’s best friend is 5 tomorrow, so with money still being very tight, I have made some presents for him.

Firstly I made a birthday Crown.  The inspiration for this was taken from Amanda Soules Creative Family.  I now have two for the boys cut out.

I have also made him a pencil roll and popped some double ended pencils in it.

Finally inspired by Beki over at The rambling of an everyday mother, I have made him a monster, I even went to Argos and bought the same tea towels, although mine looks very different from “Moo”.  I am hoping that helps S, as you see he has been having nightmares and waking thinking there is a monster behind his drawers.  So now he has his own monster to help out and scare the others away!

His mum also made some anti monster spray, basically a spray bottle filled with water and a drop of lavender oil and a homemade label.  She also got him a dream catcher to catch all those nasty dreams before they get into his head.  What wonderful ideas.

Oh and I almost forgot, I made my first tea cosy, it is so cold (I refuse to put the heating on during the day), that my tea in my little pot has been going cold too quick, so I have insulted it!!


13 thoughts on “Creative update and Nightmares in Children

  • Geriatric Mummy

    Good work. Is that your first attempt at quilting ? It seems to be THE thing to do. I'm thinking of trying a pencil roll for my new drawing pencils/charcoals etc when I get the machine x

  • geekymummy

    Gorgeous monster!
    We tell our kids that the dog scares monsters away, I bring her into their room to sniff them out, everyone enjoys the game, including the dog!

  • bekimarie

    I think that cute monster will kiss the bad monsters to death, he's lovely and I really like the heart on him.
    Really like the pencil rolls, did you use a pattern or do your own, would like to give one a go.
    Love the fabric of the tea cosy, brilliant for your first attempt.
    You've been very productive, amazing what we can do when we have no money isn't it.
    Take care
    Beki xxx

  • bad penny

    Oh I love these ! The crown is super as is the crayon roll but I just adore the little monster ! I saw Bekki's one too & thought what a great idea. I like the sound of the monster spray !

    We never had this problem but it must be awful for a child

    Great T cosey ! xx

  • maria

    I love the monster and the birthday crowns are such a good idea! They are so much better than the the usual tissue paper ones!

  • Floss

    Lovely, lovely gifts! When small Son 1 had nightmares about a 'grabber' we prayed with him that God would help him not to be scared. The next morning he woke up and told me, 'Action Man can scare the grabber away', and after that he was never scared of the grabber again. He didn't have an Action Man toy with him or anything, it just seemed to be a character who could come into his dreams and save him. I also really like the dog idea from geekymummy!


    Love the monster and especially the tea cosy! I don't put the heating on until the evening either! I have tagged you on my blog! suzie. xxx


    What you don't like marmite?!!! My green house has seen better days, I am surprised it is still standing up, a bit like me! suzie xxx

  • TheMadHouse

    Geriatric Mummy, yep my first little bit of quitling!!
    Beki, I made the pencil roll myself, it is a little different from the ones on the net, as I am lazy and did the channels in one contious go. I may do a tutorial, but as a beginner it feels a bit previous.
    Geeky – love the dog idea
    Floss, we did something similar with DS2 and the shadows and it worked for us too

  • VintageVicki

    You have been busy – what a lucky little boy 🙂

    When little son had nightmares we bought a dreamcatcher which caught all his bad dreams – it really seemed to work for him 🙂

  • Metropolitan Mum

    I love love love the monsters. I believe monsters are good, they are your friend. I must keep that idea somewhere for little L and make her a little monster friend to protect her.

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