Cricut Joy – Unboxing and Review 3

I have had my Cricut Joy since the beginning of lockdown, but haven’t had the mindspace or time to unbox or review it. However, I was determined to get it out of the box and see what was so special about it.

Cricut Joy - unboxing and review

I am a big fan of my Cricut products and already have a Cricut Maker (UK Link/US Link) that I really rate, so I was intrigued when the Cricut Joy (UK Link/US Link) came on to the market as I didn’t know where it fits or what it would do that my other machine didn’t.

Cricut Joy - unboxing and review

What is the Cricut Joy?

The Joy is Cricut’s newest cutting machine and also it’s smallest machine and it is also designed to be super simple and doesn’t have a single button on it. It is operated completely from the downloadable Design Space app. This app can be used on a phone, tablet or computer or all three, I alternate between devises.

The fact that this machine is small and doesn’t need a mat means that it is portable and easy to store or keep on a small desk.

Let's unbox the new Cricut Joy, so I can show you what's inside and then give you my honest review. Do you need the New cutting machine on the block?

How Easy is it to Set Up?

The Cricut Joy is designed to pretty much plug and play and everything you need to get started with a project is included in the box such as s a fine point blade, a black Cricut Joy pen, a piece of Smart Vinyl, a piece of coloured paper, and a StandardGrip mat.

Cricut Joy - unboxing and review

I have set up previous machines and this was the simplest yet. You just have to follow the instructions and it talks you right through and you will even print out a flower from vinyl for you to use.

Cricut Joy - unboxing and review

Do I need a Cricut Joy – an honest review?

If you do not have another cutting machine, then YES you need this machine in your life. It is so simple to use, it is almost foolproof and would make a great first machine, plus it’s portable!

Let's unbox the new Cricut Joy, so I can show you what's inside and then give you my honest review. Do you need the New cutting machine on the block?

I can see this machine being useful for people on the go, small craft rooms that don’t have a lot of space or that craft in multiple spaces, teachers looking to make quick projects in their classroom or someone that is really into organisation as it would be perfect for making custom labels for everything.


If you’re a card maker then this little machine is the perfect companion for your craft room.

The folks at Cricut have really thought about using the Joy to make cards and have specific mats and cards designed just for that allow you to create 3 different standard size cards (3.5 x 5″ | 4.25 x 5.5″ | 4.5 x 6.25″). They also have pre-cut card and insert packs that contain everything you need to make gorgeous cards…all matched, cut, and ready to go! These card packs include 10-12 cards with coordinating inserts and there are lots of corner cut card designs available for every occasion their App.

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