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Cricut Maker Review and Unboxing

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Cricut. The opinions and text are all mine.

Cricut Maker Review and Unboxing is a collaborative post with Cricut. First off what is a Cricut Maker? It is a new swanky cutting machine from Cricut. In the past, I have had a Cricut Mini and Cricut Explore, so you can tell that I am a big fan of Cricut and cutting machines.

So you might be wondering why would you need a Cricut Maker if you already have an Explore. Well make sure you keep reading and watch my video to find out.

I have always loved my Cricut Explore for paper cutting and card, but found it a little more involved with felt and fabrics as you needed to stabilise them before cutting, however, the Cricut Maker comes with a mini rotary wheel attachment. This has been transformational for me and just like the previous Cricuts the Maker is simple to use, intuitive and a brilliant addition to any craft room.

The CricutMaker, scores, draws and cuts. You can also print something and then cut it out. It is amazing. The ultimate in cutting machines in my opinion.

Cricut Maker Unboxing

But don’t just take my word for it. I decided to do an unboxing video so you could see just how easy it is to set up and make your first project (the only holding me up was my internet connection)!

The Cricut Maker comes with the Premium Fine-Point Blade, Rotary Blade, Fine-Point Pen, 12 x 12 fabric mat (pink) and 12 x 12 light grip mat (blue). You also get a small envelope filled with everything you need to make your first project including fabric and cardstock.

Cricut Maker Review

I have used my Explore to use felt and fabric but have found it a chore having to stablise it, so much so that I tended to just cut it by hand. For me the rotary cutter is a real game changer. You cut straight lines with it on the initial project, but I really put it through its paces as I cut out a monstera leaf or two!

Look at how clean the cuts are.

I also used the Cricut Maker to cut vinyl – You see that “Hello Beautiful”? Well, I cut that cut of holographic vinyl and stuck it under my lid so that every time I use my machine it greets me with a positive affirmation.

I have also cut card, leather, paper, sticker paper, felt and decorating weight fabric and have to say I am super impressed (keep your eyes peeled so see some of my makes in the coming weeks over on Instagram). Yes, the rotary blade isn’t super fast, but it is really accurate.

What is new on the Maker?

  • The front tool drawer is larger with deeper storage.
  • The smart dial has gone with all the functionality moved to design space – I prefer this as I often forgot to change the material.
  • There is a USB port on the right of the machine, so you can charge your iPad directly from the Maker.
  • There are two accessory tool cups on the left both lined with rubber o protect any blades you might store inside. One is deep perfect for pens and tools, the other shallower perfect for blades. Both are lined with a protective sheet of rubber to protect any blades that you might store inside
  • There is a knife blade (like a craft knife) – I hadn’t tried this but am really looking forward to trying this on some thicker material.

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