Cup Weaving Tutorial 21

Cup weaving is a simple craft perfect for using up scraps of yarn and the results are so impressive. We are going through a real phase of yarn craft at the moment.  It is a great way of improving fine motor skills and using up scraps of wool.  Cup weaving is a great fun craft and perfect for using paper cups.

cup weaving

We are using these woven cups to organise our art materials and use up our yarn!  Not only that they are a great way to introduce a new weaving technique to the kids too (oh and a little math)!

Cup Weaving Tutorial

cup weaving


cup weaving
  • Yarn
  • Paper cups – they are much better than plastic, not just for the environment but they don’t have sharp edges.
  • Marker
  • Tape
  • Scissors
  • Glue (We used a low melt hot glue gun – adult supervision required)


cup weaving 1

First off the math.  In order to get the in the out of the weaving you need to have an odd number of strips (warp), so measure around the cup with the tape and divide it by an odd number and mark out.  We decided on 9 warp.  We made a mark evenly round the top of the cup.

cup weaving

Cut down sides of cup at each mark from mark at mouth of cup to the base of cup leaving approximately ¼” [0.5 cm] uncut at base.  It is important to make sure your cuts are smooth as the yarn will snag on any uneven edges and make it harder to weave.

Tape end of yarn to the inside bottom of the cup.

Weave yarn in and out of strips, pushing weaving to bottom of cup as you work.

cup weaving

To beegin weaving with new color, trapping yarn tails between weaving and inside of cup as you go.

cup weaving

Cut yarn and tuck tail into weaving at inside of cup. Dab with glue and let dry to secure.

cup weaving6

Cut 12 lengths of yarn approximately 36” [91.5 cm] long. Tie strands together close to one end. Divide strands into groups of 4 and braid together, tying a knot to secure end. Glue braid around top edge of cup, cutting to size and securing ends at inside of cup with glue (cut off any knots to avoid bulk). Make a second braid and glue around bottom of cup in the same way.

cup weaving 6

We had so much fun making these.  They are perfect for storing pens and pencils.

cup weaving

See what the other #SimpleSummer tea, made with their paper cups:

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