Cut the rope Toys review

My boys are both fans of cut the rope and were delighted to receive some goodies and toys from the brand from Vivid Toys.

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They received a plush cut the rope OmNom that makes the cut the rope noise, which Mini really loved.  As it is a circle the boys took to throwing it at each other and it wasn’t long before Alvin decided that this must be his new toy.  This is around £9.99 and has been a big hit with any of the many children that come through my house.

We were also sent a joke book (RRP £4.99).  My boys who are now seven and eight really love and understand jokes.  This book has been well thumbed and has 64 pages of age appropriate jokes.  It is a super book for any reluctant reader and prepare yourself to be inundated with jokes.

cut the rope

We were sent a comic, which is a monthly publication and is £3.99.  I find childrens comics quite pricey, but this did have a lot of content and was also filled with puzzles posters, experiments and also things to make and do, so Maxi enjoyed it and as always the boys love the freebies that you get on the front of childrens comics and magazines. This edition came with a small book and pen and some cut the rope stickers.

We were also sent a doodle book, which I actually nabbed to put in the boys summer activity packs for the car.  This is £5.99 and is filled with activities including dot to dots and mazes (which are Maxi’s favorite).