Danby Village Show

Me and the boys went to Danby Village Show this afternoon with friends and had a great time. It is a traditional agricultural show and very popular, as it is set in the beautiful North Yorkshire Moors National Park and Danby is a lovely village. It was made all the nicer as the sun continued to shine.
The main event was the appearance of the Glaisdale Fox hounds in the main arena and I was really surprised by Maxi Mad as he stroked one of the Fox Hounds (he is scared of dogs). This pack has established since 1877 and now hunt within the grounds of the law.

The boys loved all the animals, especially the sheep and were lucky enough to charm one of the breeders to let them have a stoke of her Jacobs Lamb.

They were less interested in the cattle, but then they only need visit Grandad to see a working dairy farm, so I guess it wasn’t as exciting for them.

I have to say it was this pigeon that I really found interesting, the poor thing looks as though it is wearing a fur collar!

Village and town shows are really popular in the North East of England and part of the agricultural lifestyle and it is something that the boys really enjoy. They love looking at the vintage farm machinery, the prize vegetables and all the school exhibitions. It is unusual for us to visit one with out the inlaws, who are part of the farming community, but it made a nice change for the boys to visit with other children their age and anyway their Grandad is currently very busy making hay while the sun shines as the saying goes.