Day Out Ideas for the Family

Day Out Ideas for the Family is a collaborative post with Jorvik Tricycles. During the summer holidays, it can be incredibly hard to find activities to keep not just you but your kids happy. There are loads of great family activities that you can get involved in that won’t cost you a fortune.

Day Out Ideas for the Family

Day Out Ideas for the Family

Grab your bikes

Cycling is one of the easiest ways of not only getting exercise but getting out for the day and seeing some special parts of the country. It might also be worth looking into bikes 3-wheeled brother, the trike. There are some great adult tricycles available for you that would be ideal for use on a day out.

The great thing with cycling is kids love it. You can turn it into a game and get them to race each other. By the end of the day, they’ll be all burned out which is ideal for you! It’s also great exercise and will keep them fit and active.

Head to the beach

There are some amazing beaches spread out across the UK. Up North, one of the favourites is Whitby beach. This gothic town has some amazing history and if you’re lucky and the weather is nice, you can simple Whitby’s famous fish and chips and sit out on the beach.

Further south, there are some incredible beaches in Devon and Cornwall, with a whole range of activities from surfing to beach sports that will keep you and the kids fully entertained!

Of course, we couldn’t mention a seaside trip without mentioning Blackpool. From the arcades to the Pleasure Beach to the multitude of entertainment along the promenade, Blackpool is an ideal family day out.

Explore the countryside

We’re very blessed in the UK with some stunning countryside. Try and discover parts of the country you may never have discovered before. Similarly, to cycling, it’s great for not just as a day out but to get some exercise and keeping our kids active.

If you take a picnic it keeps the costs nice and cheap and who doesn’t love a picnic? You can of course always head to one of the local village pubs to give you something to burn off.

Visit your local museum

If the weather is not outdoor activity-friendly, then you can always head to your local museum. More often than not you learn more about your local history and learn more about something you may know little about.

Kids love museums as they’re often catered towards them. So whether they’re a fan of the Romans, the old mines or medical history, take them to a museum and show them something new.

Take a look at our Day out ideas for all the family that won’t cost you a fortune but will you and the kids happy this summer.

Hopefully, my guide will help you find some fun activities to do this summer. Do you have any activities you find fun to do with the kids? Comment below, I’d love to hear from you!