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Dear So and So

Dear Breast Cancer
I found out you had took another member of the family yesterday. It makes me so sad and angry to see you focusing your attention of the female maternal line of my family. You are an evil shit and I will not succumb.

A tearful MadMum
Dear Mum

I am sorry that they (the powers that be) feel that you do not qualify for a stair life, but shouting at me isn’t going to get you one either.

Your exasperated daughter

Dear GP

Flu, what real flu, you have to be kidding me, what with vertigo too. How can I bloody manage to look after myself let alone anyone else this week.

A not very good sickly person

Dear Friend

Thank you from the bottom on my heart for going out of your way to take the boys to and from school and preschool this week. You have gone above and beyond.
An amazed and very pleased to have you MadMummy

Dear MadDad

I am more than happy with my wonderful “Lucozade and ice cream marriage”, hearts, flowers and candles are all all over rated anyway. Love you.

Lets have an early night (wink) MadMummy

Dear Maxi

I do hope I haven’t passed on my fever to you dear, but with a temp of 39.9 it seems like a possibly may have.
An ever kissing MummyMad

Dear School

Just stop already with the charity days. Yes the boys will come to school in sports wear and bring £1 each. Yes they will both walk, run or crawl a mile and I will give them more money and yes they need lose change as you are going to make a sports relief logo of coins in the school hall. I am happy for you to send begging letters, just don’t tell the children how much you expect them to bring in

A skint parent

Dear Brother

I know you are a man and I know she gets on your nerves, but just put up with mother this week please.
A stern older sis

Dear Sleepiness

I could really do with you having a chat to you mate insomnia this week. I want to knock the sleeping pills on the head, but he isn’t making it easy for me.

An in charge MadMummy

Dear Pain

Please see the above, I am going to manage so give me a break please.

A determined MadMummy

Inspired by 3 bedroom Bungalow‘s Dear So and So.