Decking trends for 2023

The global popularity of composite decking reached record highs in 2022 – and things show no sign of letting up.

On the contrary, research is predicting continued growth, with the international market estimated to reach 5.8 billion US dollars by 2027.

Pretty clear then, that this contemporary board is here to stay – but how will it be used?

The start of a new year often sparks a wave of exciting design ideas and innovations. So here we take a look at the composite decking trends that look set to dominate in 2023. 

Trends for using composite decking in 2023

Decking ideas, designs, styles and trends for 2023. What will be the big decking trends in 2023 and stand the test of time?


Why stick to one colour when you can use two? This is a composite decking trend that began to emerge in 2022 and looks set to continue in the coming year.

Not only does mixing and matching board colour allow you to make a style statement, but by using different shades to create contrast, you can define areas and highlight edges too. Making this craze a highly effective way of zoning your decking and boosting safety.

Want to go big with design? How about using patterns? We predict 2023 will see an increase in decking being used to create unusual floor designs and attractive focal points.

Prefer to keep things simple? Many boards come with a dual finish, so rather than using multiple colours, you can use the flip side of your boards to create a more subtle distinction with texture.


Want to really make a feature of your composite decking? Include lighting.

Mood lighting is big for ’23 and that goes for outside areas too. Embed lights into decking so they sit flush with the boards. And use spotlights to illuminate steps, highlight plants or showcase attractive landscaping features – or just to make things look pretty! 

If your decking is going to use posts to mark out the edges, or have railings to accompany steps, it’s a good idea to light these up too.

Hot tub decking

During the pandemic, sales of hot tubs boomed – and they have stayed popular ever since. Whilst the cost of living may be making people think twice about spending money, it seems many are loathed to turn off the tub – preferring instead to get savvier with its energy consumption.

A key part of this is picking the right location for a hot tub to sit. This means protecting your tub from windy spots and creating a sheltered space, which can help to avoid rising running costs.

Composite decking offers a great base for hot tubs by keeping them off the cold ground. These water-resistant boards can also be used to great a windbreak and overhead shelter, which will all help to insulate your tub, keeping the water warm without burning through electricity.  

Covered decking

With a growing awareness of the importance of good mental and physical health, the benefits of getting outside are widely reported.

A knock-on effect of this is that more and more people are seeking sanctuary outside. Meaning that creating a space that can be used whatever the weather, looks set to continue as a priority for people as we head into 2023. 

Lightweight, highly waterproof, and durable, composite decking boards are a great material to use. Build a basic shelter to protect from the elements or go all out with an outside bar, TV or garden room – the possibilities are endless! 


Decking that’s not decking!

As the popularity of composite decking increases, people are getting increasingly adventurous with its use.

Fence panels, seating, storage, outside rooms, birdhouses – the list goes on – and we predict the ideas will get even more weird and wonderful as more people cotton on to the many perks of using this material. 

Decking ideas, designs, styles and trends for 2023. What will be the big decking trends in 2023 and stand the test of time?

Get your outdoor space ready for 2023!

Every bit as enduring as its popularity, composite decking demands little in the way of maintenance and upkeep. So, if your garden is feeling very 2022, or your outside areas could do with a little TLC, why not order composite decking and get 2023 off to a great start? Looking at updating your garden then check out our garden trends for 2023.