Decorating shoes with fabric pens. A perfect tween craft 17

I love crafting and art.  I would do something everyday of I got the chance.  This week we managed to grab a full day with Frugal Family and after spending the morning at the Skate Park we had a crafty afternoon decorating plain white pumps with fabric pens.  This is the perfect craft for tweens and teens.

customising shoes


  1. Fabric Pens – I have a set from Yellow Moon and also a Dylon Fabric Pens Pack of 5 (Fluorescent)
  2. Fabric Crayons – We use these Fabric Pastel Dye Sticks
  3. White pumps – the ones we used were £6 from Asda
  4. Sharpie Fine Permanent Marker Assorted Colours – Pack of 24
  5. Bostic Fabric Glue
  6. Stick on gems

customising shoes
There is so many different ways that you can decorate clothes and I love how it allows kids to express their individualism.

I just provided the tools and lest the rest to the kids.

You could use fabric pens, paints or fabric pastels like Maxi’s below.

rainbow pastel shoes

You could also stick many more gems on or even lace and fabric.  Using fabric glue makes sure that the gems and fabric sticks on.

Make sure you use sharpie or permanent markers on the rubber parts of the shoes.

You can set the colours on the shoes by either ironing them for a minute or two using a hot iron or by tumble drying on hot for ten minutes.


You can also finish off your shoes by adding ombre shoe laces.