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Are all your devices protected?

I have experienced the horror of nearly losing all our photographs thanks to a virus.  I can tell you it wasn’t pleasant and it was only thanks to a local company that they managed to salvage my PC and get me up and running again.


Since then we have had McAfee security on the household PC and MadDad’s laptop, but I never considered our tablets or smartphones.  Then I was approached by the Tots100 in conjunction with McAfee to review their All Access Security.

McAfee All Access security is £74.99 and features:

  1. Unlimited licences
  2. Protects Pc< Mac, Tablets and smartphones
  3. Password Management
  4. Free support
  5. Painlessly manage and monitor online time to help kids use the Internet safely

We have family security on the PC that the boys use, but I love the idea of being able to monitor their tablet usage.

I have to be honest and say that it does slow down your PC, but I am more than happy with the amount knowing the fact that it is secure and we haven’t noticed any differences with the tablets, which is great.

I love the features for smartphones and tablets, which include:

  • Locate, lock, and wipe a lost or stolen smartphone or tablet, and keep your data away from thieves
  • Stay safe on the go with real-time protection against mobile viruses and spam
  • Protect your Android device against risky apps

I think that it will come even more in to its own if and when my boys get smartphones as they can be easily misplaced and are much harder to see what they are doing on them  and what apps they are downloading which could be risky.