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I spent most of my childhood in clothes that my mum had made for me and please remember this was the early 70’s! I have very vivid memories of being stood in the back bedroom on a chair being stuck with pins whilst my mum tried to get hem lengths right or putting darts in to clothes.

I remember longing to be taken on a trip to the shops rather than to the local market to shop for fabric for my clothes. I want to to have shop bought school jumpers and skirts, not once my mum had stayed up and knitted on the knitting machine on the landing. I used to lay awake listening to the rhythmic whoosh, whoosh as the wool went over the needs and wonder what I would be trying on in the morning.

Today I look back with fondness to these times, but then I have to say I really didn’t want to wear home made clothes, but though it all, I knew that they were sewn with love.

My mum also made the uniforms for the Junior Jazz Bank I was in, so I never really got away from those dreaded pins.  Oh and before you ask yes I still have the dress below, we found it at mums when we were clearing out her things, so it is now in my loft.


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25 thoughts on “Did you mum make you wear homemade?

  • Angela Almond

    Being the minister’s daughter, there were always kind elderly ladies in the church who would knit me cardis as gifts. Mum’s rule was tat if they did, I had to wear the garment in church every sunday until the donor has seen me in it at least once. Some of them were too tight, too short, or cut off the circulation at my wrists! Others were…generously sized. But a handwritten thankyou letter and public modelling of garment was ESSENTIAL in Mums book, as a proper expression of gratitude for their generosity! Merciflly, no photos remain.
    LOVE your band outfit. Blessings xx

    • admin

      Angela Almond » Oh Ang, this did make me laugh. My Aunt made fab crochet jackets that I loved and I do miss both my mum and Aunt so much. All this reminiscing has brought me out in tears, but lots of smiles too

  • Mirka Moore

    Home made clothes? Of course, I grew up in a communist country, so we all had to wear the same fashion…..or be lucky and get your mum to make some clothes, so for me that was lucky, not a shame ;)))) @Kahanka

    • admin

      Mirka Moore » Oh it want a shame really, she made great clothes, but they were not what everyone else wore if that makes sence. It does make me miss her so much

  • Rosie Scribble

    My mum couldn’t sew but I think some of your outfits look better than the brown shop bought dungarees I had to wear!! If I can dig out a photo I’ll blog it.

    • admin

      Rosie Scribble » Oh do blog an image it would be great to see it Rosie. I have to say mum make very professional clothes

  • Wendy

    My mum made most of our clothes when I was little in the 50s and I was proud when some said they liked my new dress. I was always pleased to say that mum had made it or knitted my jumpers.

    My daughter also had homemade dresses she got two for what it cost me to buy one. Although with cheap shops nowadays that wouldn’t be the case.

    • admin

      Wendy » I think that it is sad that is now costs more to buy the fabric that to buy a dress in the shops. My mum loved making my clothes and it was a way to save lots of money too

  • swanbythelakeside

    Your CommentsMy mother never made any clothes for us! I desperately wanted her to, and before long I started making my own clothes, and clothes for my brother too! I made him a little pink dress when he was two, out of pink seersucker. Mum discovered the joy of cheap Woolworth (Ladybird) and BHS clothes and never looked back. I wanted her to buy me frilly clothes, but she never did…

    I’m afraid I was always terrible at my couture efforts – apalling dirndly skirts, falling apart nighties, patchwork trousers, (I made some successful bridesmaid dresses for my own bridesmaids, and that was it) and did not attempt to make anything for my dd except the occasional fancy dress item…
    She in turn, would LOVE me to make clothes for her….

    Anyway, I think you look great in the outfit, and your mum must have got a great deal of pleasure sewing for you, and herself.

    • admin

      swanbythelakeside » She loved sewing, she really did. This has really brough back the lovely memories

  • Mrs Pink

    My Mum made loads of clothes for me. I always remember when I wanted a pair of dungarees and instead of buying me a pair she made me some out of hideous material (cream with a pale brown pinstripe). They were also flares, just at the time they were going out of fashion. Then when pedal pushers were all the rage and I wanted a pair, she doctored the dungarees and I had a horrid pair of those instead!!!
    Bless her! I miss her terribly, but I think the dungarees scarred me for life!

    • admin

      Mrs Pink » Mum was a very fast seamstress, she used to sew late in to the night to finish things for me. I remember her making me waistcoats and jackets with peplums on. All this talk about sewing really makes me miss my mum too

    • admin

      Alice » I think they are pretty timeless. I am hoping when we dort the loft that she kept a couple, you never know

  • Metropolitan Mum

    Gorgeous pictures. And your mum was quite the artist on the sewing machine. Did you inherit the talent? I wish I could use one without sewing my finger onto the fabric. Kind of happened once, don’t ask…

    • admin

      Metropolitan Mum » Mum was very talented indeed. I do dew, but no where near as good as mum did, oh nad tell me the finger story

    • admin

      northernmum » I always wanted shop bought, but the home made clothes were pretty timeless, so not too many nightmares as a child, now as a teen that is different. Come on show me yours!

    • admin

      Susan Mann » I tink everything was hand made in my house, mum was a very talented lady

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