Did you mum make you wear homemade? 25

I spent most of my childhood in clothes that my mum had made for me and please remember this was the early 70’s! I have very vivid memories of being stood in the back bedroom on a chair being stuck with pins whilst my mum tried to get hem lengths right or putting darts in to clothes.

I remember longing to be taken on a trip to the shops rather than to the local market to shop for fabric for my clothes. I want to to have shop bought school jumpers and skirts, not once my mum had stayed up and knitted on the knitting machine on the landing. I used to lay awake listening to the rhythmic whoosh, whoosh as the wool went over the needs and wonder what I would be trying on in the morning.

Today I look back with fondness to these times, but then I have to say I really didn’t want to wear home made clothes, but though it all, I knew that they were sewn with love.

My mum also made the uniforms for the Junior Jazz Bank I was in, so I never really got away from those dreaded pins.  Oh and before you ask yes I still have the dress below, we found it at mums when we were clearing out her things, so it is now in my loft.


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To take part, all you need to do is share with us a photo of your FASHION SHAME and add a link to this post over on the Tots100 blog. You’ve got until Friday to share your photos and I have read through the ones already added and boy are there some great memories there!