Dinosaur footprint shortbread thanks to Ecover 282

These adorable Dinosaur footprint shortbread cookies are brought to you thanks to Ecover arranging for me to have a Spring Clean which gave me and the boys time to have fun in the kitchen.  Read on to get our delicious three ingredient recipe and also find out more.

These Dinosaur footprint shortbread are super simple to make with kids and only have three ingredients.

When Ecover contacted me and asked if I would like a spring clean with their products I jumped at the chance.  I love having a clean house but sometimes struggle with finding the hours in the day.  Ecover wanted to see what #CleaningSuprises the spring clean unearthed.  Well, the cleaners found a toy dinosaur in the kitchen.  My boys are eleven and nearly ten, so I have no idea how long this dinosaur had been hiding.

The brilliant thing about Ecover products is that they do a fantastic job, so much so the cleaning company took them all with them when they left!  They are strong on dirt but gentle on the environment and my family and I feel safe using them.   I even feel safe allowing my kids to use them too.

These Dinosaur footprint shortbread are super simple to make with kids and only have three ingredients.

But with the extra hours that I had from the cleaning, The boys and I set about making some shortbread and then dinosaur got in on the act!

Dinosaur footprint shortbread

Shortbread is great to make with kids.  It only has three ingredients and tastes delicious!

These Dinosaur footprint shortbread are super simple to make with kids and only have three ingredients.


  • 50g or 2oz caster sugar
  • 100g or 4oz of Flora Buttery or Butter
  • 150g or 6oz plain flour

How to make dinosaur footprint shortbread

Preheat your oven to 180 degrees C or has mark 4.

These Dinosaur footprint shortbread are super simple to make with kids and only have three ingredients.

If you are using butter then it needs to be at room temperature, which is why I often use Flora Buttery for this as you can use it direct from the fridge.

These Dinosaur footprint shortbread are super simple to make with kids and only have three ingredients.

Cream sugar and butter in a mixer or a mixing bowl (we are loving the new Sage mixer scraper). The secret to knowing when butter and caster sugar is creamed is to look out for the change of colour (It will go lighter).

These Dinosaur footprint shortbread are super simple to make with kids and only have three ingredients.

Then add the plain flour and combine.

Wrap the dough in cling film and pop in the fridge for 30 minutes.

These Dinosaur footprint shortbread are super simple to make with kids and only have three ingredients.

Take out and roll out to 1/2cm thick and cut out your shapes.

These Dinosaur footprint shortbread are super simple to make with kids and only have three ingredients.

Then let the dinosaur roam over the shortbread and cake.

These Dinosaur footprint shortbread are super simple to make with kids and only have three ingredients.

Sprinkle with some caster sugar over the top (we used maple sugar).

These Dinosaur footprint shortbread are super simple to make with kids and only have three ingredients.

Bake for 15 minutes until golden brown.

Win a Spring Clean with Ecover

I am a BIG fan of Ecover products and have been using their floor soap for over 15 years (gosh that makes me sound old), but we had a slate floor in our old house and it was the perfect product for it!


I have always been concerned with what I use in our house after learning that there can be health risks associated with some cleaning products and having a child with a chest condition.

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I am delighted to have paired up with Ecover to give away a top to toe spring clean for your home and a bundle of Ecover products.
Win a Spring Clean

These Dinosaur footprint shortbread are super simple to make with kids and only have three ingredients.

282 thoughts on “Dinosaur footprint shortbread thanks to Ecover

    • Jenny Badger

      When cleaning our new house after first moving in we found all sorts of things lost by the last owner. A bright pink soft toy elephant behind the radiator was the weirdest.

  • Tracy Nixon

    A wrinkled tiddly wink sausage under a cupboard in the kitchen – Heaven knows how long it had been there! I thought it was a severed finger!

  • Mary Louise

    I purchased the ecover washing up liquid and i really like it – also it has lasted me ages! I love the look of the other products and like the fact we are doing our bit for the environment.
    Lovely biscuits! x

  • Phoebe @ Lou Messugo

    I love the footprints, such a cute idea! I also always use environmentally friendly cleaning products but Ecover needs to bring its prices down if they want more people to use their stuff, I find they are outrageously expensive. Luckily in France every supermarket chain does their own home brand green stuff which is half the price and just as good!

  • Natalie

    We were cleaning out the shed in our new house and cam across a ceramic nazi bulldog it was the creepiest thing ever

  • Harline Parkin

    I once found a pickled onion down the side of the sofa I’m blaming my husband for this one he’s very clumsy when eating!

  • Megan Hanley

    A kitten under the stairs! She must have come in through the cat flap in the kitchen and then got scared by our beastly Tom cats! Thankfully her owner came lookin for her later and they were reunited!

  • Jennifer

    Euros (paper money too!) That we’d left in a suitcase for next time and they must have fell out into our storage area. Found them when having a good clear/car boot out hoping to raise some much needed funds!

  • Sam McKean

    Not strange odd…but I did find Christmas presents I’d hidden behind a bath panel 2 years previously during one particularly vigorous spring clean!

  • Leanne R

    Love Ecover! Strangest things I find are normally things that the cat has hidden. Toys, sometimes treats.

  • Tracey Belcher

    I found Dragonfly in a little case in a second hand sofa I was cleaning before using! Thought that was strange!

  • Paula Readings

    I once found a gooseberry, which was strange as i cant ever remember having gooseberry’s in the house only to discover it was a hairy green grape.

  • Amy Lee

    Such a fantastic idea using toys for cookies like that! Ecover is the best! I have only just discovered it and will never go back! 🙂

  • Dee Dmonte

    When cleaning recently I found my daughters tiny bracelet that hospitals put around your new borns arm with name etc on. It made me so happy, I thought that I had lost it forever.

  • Jo Jones

    I found a small Easter card made by my daughter years ago down the settee, & she’s now an adult.

  • Laura Jeffs

    Sorry, but I cannot think of anything odd I’ve come across..just dust bunnies! Lol 😀

  • helen tovell

    An earing back, had searched for ages when it got lost to no avail, taking daughters carpet up we found it, couldn’t believe it.

  • Clare B

    A frog! Well several actually. We think one of the cats went through a phase of bringing them in. All alive (if a little fluffy with cat hair) and safely returned to the pond.

  • Julie Booth

    My sons girlfriend must have spilt coke under the sofa bed on the laminate flooring and then her long black hair had become all stuck in it so it looked like the Ring girl had melted! Gross! It was 9 months ago since she last stayed here!

  • Caroline H

    A Viagra tablet just under the sofa! I can guarantee it belonged to no one in the house but was rather grubby so must have been brought in caught in the tread of a shoe as because we have wooden easy to clean floors, we are quite bad for tramping around the house in muddy boots.

  • Nadia Stanbridge

    A model of my teeth found under the sofa …. from a visit to the dentist for a crown and long forgotten about! (How did they get there???)

  • Janet Ashenden

    I found a bracelet and some earrings that didn’t belong to anyone in the house! We had lived in the house for about two years. We never found out who they belonged to.

  • Iris W

    I never found anything particularly unusual while cleaning my house, but once many years ago I was working in a hotel in Switzerland and helped one of the chambermaids cleaning a room to get ready for new arrivals there I found 1000 swiss francs in drawer

  • Jo Carroll

    Some of the things I’ve found whilst cleaning are too shocking for a nice blog like this 😉 I did find two chocolate Easter eggs whilst doing a spring clean a few days ago…nothing strange in that you might think – leftovers from the ‘egg hunt’ maybe?…but no-one was at home during Easter as we were at my parent’s house?? weird!

  • Sarah Lambert

    I found a pile of old buttons under the bath of our new house unsure why they was there :{

  • Barbara Knight

    I found my son’s favourite soft toy down the back of the radiator five years after he had lost it!

  • Cassandra Mayers

    a half eaten apple when i first moved into my home…. more gross than weird i guess!

  • Nat thomason

    Doing the laundry a gold ring where it came from I don’t know but I got £200 for it

  • Simon C

    Can’t think of anything too unusual that I’ve found while cleaning. But maybe that just means I need to clean a bit more thoroughly!

  • Amanda leeds

    When I moved into my flat I was cleaning out the utility room and found a single wooden shoe stretcher

  • Maxine G

    An ashtray full of *herbal* cigarettes on top of the kitchen cupboard, left by the previous owners of the house!

  • Hannah | Hannah Spannah

    I’ve never actually used the Evover products in my home but would love to see how well they do. I usually find dog hair and Lego in the most random of places!

  • Susan B

    The shortbread looks delicious! Love the dinosaur footprints.

    I have found all sorts of things under sofas and beds and occasionally under the fridge. Odd socks, bits of Lego, various cat-related things such as toys and, er, something that should have been in the litter tray and one of the children’s books that we had turned the house upside down looking for.

  • Lorraine Tinsley

    I found a pair of boy’s shoes after my daughter’s birthday party. I have two daughters! Turns out one of the little boys went home with no shoes on!

  • Tracy Newton

    I once found a large cat on the top floor of my house. I had run upstairs in the dark and it jumped on me. I screamed the house down. It has even pooped on our new carpet.

    I had never thought of using dinosaurs to make footprints in cookies. My little boy is going to love making them.

  • Patricia Avery

    Last year I found a nappy pin behind a bookcase. My ‘baby’ is 41 this year ! 🙂

  • Laura Harrison

    Nothing strange, just the usual crumbs, underwear, socks. Nothing strange as it’s just my boyfriend and myself, wait until I have children then I might find strange things x

  • Rebecca Austerberry

    When my kids were little I used to find pieces of toast in the video player all the time.

  • Heather Shaw

    conkers under the sofa. On the plus side conkers are meant to keep spiders away! Lol

  • Kirsty Devine

    False nails blocking the bathroom sick – bleugh! They were not mine but belonged to the previous owner!

  • Lisa Parker

    A large clump of my daughter’s hair. she was only 5 when she decided to give herself a haircut and she hid the cut hair behide the settee as she thought that I wouldn’t notice x

  • Denice

    I thought we had mice last year when I move the washing machine … turns out my grandson was not as keen on eating raisins as we had thought and had been hiding them!

  • Annette Oliver

    Lots of bottle tops my cat had stolen off the kitchen work surfaces to play with and been lost under the sofa

  • Nathan

    Great idea, I could do with a good spring clean myself, might even find the time to bake with my daughter too!

    • Nathan

      I found all of my credit cards hidden in my daughter’s room after she ‘borrowed’ them. She is three!

  • Laura Harris

    Cleaned out our loft when we moved in and found a very bizarre portrait of the previous owners. They obviously hated it as much as we did, seeing as it was in the loft…!

  • Stephanie Tsang

    I’m always finding what I think are strange things when I’m cleaning. My husband is an engineer and I’m always finding small parts he’s dropped around the house. I have no idea what most of them are.

  • Heidi Brown

    I once found a very very very old antique food colouring bottle in the back of my MIL cupboard with a use by date in 1980 – she told me its fine and to put it back haha

  • Freya Knudsen

    Probably money, that is rare 😉 but joking aside a ring I lost ages ago and thought was gone for good.

  • Brett

    Whilst cleaning I found an old coin from the 1900’s. I had no idea how it got under the fridge. New home new fridge etc

  • lyn Burgess

    A mouse behind the fridge. We think the cat had brought it in. We managed, eventually, to catch it, and let it go but we had to keep the cat in for the next few hours, or she would have just gone a-hunting again.

  • Marianne Daniels

    A box of foreign coins and british pennies (at least 500 of them) from the previous tenant up in a rafter!

  • C Kennedy

    I often find stones and rocks in the laundry basket. Our pug likes to burrow around in big piles of clean washing and he’ll usually drop a stone that he’s picked up out of the garden to chew

  • sharon gray

    What a great idea, the footprints look great, and then clean up afterwards with the cleaning solutions, that a friendly on kids!

  • Lindsey Stuart

    During my big spring clean last week I found a big sea shell under my sofa! the scary thing is I wonder how long it was there because it has been a long time since we last visited a beach lol

  • Michelle

    First off, awesome cookies from the boys! Perfect for a Dino party! Secondly, not so much weird, but my god, when we had to move the sofa to replace it with a new one, I’m ashamed to say we found many little bits and bobs that went missing over the years (for shame! our sofa was too heavy to move!!) things like cat toys, game pieces, christmas decorations… and lots of dust 😮

  • Lynne OConnor

    A huge stash of chicken nuggets and chewy vitamins. My son had been hiding food instead of eating it

  • Hayley Elvin

    Cleaning my daughters coat I always find strange things in her pockets, from rocks she has picked up to lolly sticks, hair grips and coins. Its gross!

  • Ali Duke

    I find spoons all over my 17 year old son’s bedroom, I guess he is too lazy to bring them to the kitchen!

  • helen warrener

    a mouldie satsuma that my young son had hidden behind his books from his lunchbox that he decided he didn’t want to eat

  • Helen at Casa Costello

    Your dinosaur model did make me chuckle! Great idea for livening up shortbread cookies. We love Ecover in this house – The washing liquid seems to last for ages and is definitely kinder to hands that do a lot of baking! Thanks again for joining in with #BakeoftheWeek x

  • Sheila Sloan

    I found my Pandora bracelet again after more that a year, but I had felt so guilty about losing it, that I bought a new bracelet and all my favourite charms again … and now I have two!

  • Chris Hall

    While cleaning out my dads kitchen cupboard for him I found his war models in a tin, what a wonderful find.

  • Sarah, Maison Cupcake

    Such a simple idea but so effective and easy for kids to do themselves. We always use Ecover laundry liquid and fabric conditioners, they’re my favourites. Thanks for joining in with #BAKEoftheWEEK – round up and new week’s linky is now live on my site.

  • Lillian Fisher

    I thought I had found a huge black plastic spider once – until I touched it and it scurried away!
    I am still traumatised.

  • sharon martin

    can honestly say i don’t think i’ve come across anything that would be classed as unusual or strange

  • Robertgeneralmail

    Best cleaning trick is to make it part of your normal weekly routine, in a simple way so it doesnt seem a chore!

  • Robertgeneralmail

    Most interesting thing I’ve found is money down the back of a sofa…. it’s what you spend it on that makes it interesting

  • Danielle Cresswell

    Cat fleas when we moved in our new home. A lovely gift left by the previous owners

  • Katie Harmer

    I used to be a professional cleaner of executive homes and the most unusual thing I have ever found was glass bottles full of human urine – in the kitchen!! Needless to say, ‘executive’ homes was rather a ‘loose’ description. In reality I cleaned all sorts of houses, the rich to the poor. Some people were clean, others were not.

  • charlotte wilde

    A pile of cat biscuits under the sideboard carefully carried from the cats bowl and store for ‘hard times’ by the resident mouse (very very old cat!)

  • Zac Farley

    A mushroom growing out of my brothers carpet under his laundry basket in his student digs

  • A M

    I find money in drawers quite often, but that’s because I hide it there on purpose and try to forget about it so it’s a nice surprise!

  • Helen W

    I once found a packet of chicken noodles that had fallen down the back of the kitchen drawer. They must have been there from a previous tenant in the flat. They were still intact and in date, so my boyfriend ate them!

  • Maureen M

    A very cute (but very flat & dead) frog – under a bookshelf.No idea how it got there!!

  • Danielle Spencer

    A forgotten bag of what was once radishes, apparently – vile liquid, which had fallen down behind a cupboard, never to be seen again, the mysterious smell coming from the kitchen. Blurgh!

    I love the dinosaur shortbread, what a great idea.

  • Angela Weir

    I came across my dad’s false teeth under the seats on the couch he must have lost them whilst lying on the couch. Probably snoozing haha

  • Katie Skeoch

    Just Lego, it gets everywhere! I have a little jar in the kitchen where I collect all the odd pieces!

  • angela sandhu

    I found a wooden spoon behind the sofa – my son was trying to reach something and that was the only thing he could think if using!

  • Susan Smith

    Most unusual thing has to be an old penny in the back of the sofa, to this day we do not know where it came from

  • Mary Baldwin

    Packs of Christmas cards and stamps all in one package – obviously I’d been uber-organised one year and then forgotten completely about them as I hadn’t even realised they were missing they were bought so far in advance.

  • Michelle Sykes

    I found a ‘ball’ of woodlice behind a cupboard when I moved into my first house – it was horrid

  • Hazel Rea

    Half a biscuit behind a book on the shelf. When my son was a toddler he used to hide half his biscuit behind a book for later.

  • stacey bell

    my house keys…….2 years after they went missing ! They were sitting on my bed. we still; cant figure it out

  • Kate Mitchell

    I once found a toy motorbike tied to the end of my string of bunting. On questioning my children I was told the motorbike had been naughty!

  • stephen holman

    money is always a bonus find when cleaning – if that happened every time i cleaned my house would be sparkling!! 😀

  • Karen Barrett

    Nothing really unusual but I did find a watch right inside the sofa lining, it had been there about five years.

  • carys thorp

    In my old house i found a childs toy behind the radiator, at the time i had no children! Must have been there ages!

  • Jayne Kelsall

    I once found an Easter Egg in August that I’d hid for the children in an easter egg hunt and never found it !

  • Penelope Hewitt

    When we were preparing to move into our home we gave it a good clean first and I found a barbie head under the kitchen sink

  • Donna M Caldwell

    I found little cards and notes that my twenty year old daughter had made from nursery

  • Caroline S

    We’d lived in this house for about five years before I discovered some heart medication left by the previous owner, right at the back of the top shelf of one of the kitchen cupboards! Hopefully they weren’t vital…

  • Adrian Bold

    I found about 10 ear plugs behind / under my bed when I got a new one. They were always falling out in the night and rolling behind it.

  • Reddanbydan

    I found a pair of my husband’s best mate’s underpants behind the sofa after he’d stayed the night! God knows how they got there!

    Love the dinosaur biccies – they look yum.

  • Hannah

    The strangest thing I find is very large dust bunnies under furniture that has not been moved for a while! And the usual kiddie things – lego and dolls shoes in random places. Plus often coins of foreign currency for some reason.

  • Kerry Webber

    I found a dead mouse skeleton while cleaning out a store cupboard. It had been a very long time since I cleaned that cupboard!!

  • Thomas Perry

    I found my tongue stud, I lost years ago, I took some washing out of the machine and it dropped out, how it got there after all them years I have no idea

  • Laura Bryant

    whoop whoop ??? such a lovely prize! I know someone is going to be over the moon ??? to win fingers crossed its me ??????

  • Jodie W

    Shortly after moving in with my then fiance, i was cleaning out the cleaning cupboard as it was a mess…and found 32 dusters. He was then known as Gavin 32 dusters for a long while after that. This was a strange find because (even now 10 years later) ive never seen him dust once.

  • Sheila Reeves

    Nothing that unusual, but did find shrivelled satsuma behind sons bed when I pulled it out to clean, must have been from his Christmas stocking!

  • claire sen

    I think the most exciting or interesting thing I’ve ever found it a pound coin down the side of the chair..I like to think it’s my payment for doing the cleaning!

  • Vicky Blyde

    I moved into a new house a while ago, and found a monkey posing pouch hiding in one of the cupboards… definitely the strangest thing I’ve ever found!

  • Fiona jk42

    When cleaning out an old desk that has been in the garage for years, I found lots of cherry stones in one of the drawers. Each stone had a little hole nibbled in it to get at the seed inside. A mouse must have been using the desk as a place to cache its winter food supply.

  • Judy Beba-Brown

    A finger, complete with red-painted fingernail. I nearly had hysterics! Then I remembered the Hallowe’en party we had over two years ago….. Blush.

  • Tina Glover

    I once found our hamster under the sofa…he had escaped from his cage the night before and we hadnt noticed. I had pulled the sofa out to mop underneath it!

  • Maddy

    I once found hubby’s birthday card from 2 years previously that I’d bought in plenty of time, but “Put somewhere safe!” :/

  • Jessica Powell

    My mum hid 3 bags of mini eggs around the house for Easter once but didn’t count them. 2 months later we found a few more in the fruit bowel while having a clean up. Shows how much fruit we eat!

  • Diane Duggan

    I didn’t realise shortbread was so easy to make. It looks much healthier than the shop – bought versions with all those additives and preservatives.

  • Lesley

    A tooth belonging to my daughter. It was wrapped up in the wardrobe but somehow had fallen under the bed.

  • Dawn M

    Rather fittingly – dinosaurs! Everywhere! Down the sides of cushions, under my pillow, in the bath, in the washing machine…it just goes on and on….

  • ellie spider

    My bengal cat is a thief and a hoarder – when I move the sofa and chairs I find his stash – this has included my boots advantage card, sweets, cotton reels, batteries and wotsits


    when I was cleaning up my dads under the sink cupboard I found 6 unopened bottles of sherry – I was too polite to ask why!

  • Melanie Burton

    I went to clean the oven and found it was already clean as my fiancé had done it! Now that is VERY WEIRD! Lol!

  • Jamie Millard

    A dead mouse – under the seat pad on the armchair in my old student flat. Not pretty.

    Most common – hair grips. Sarah gets them EVERYWHERE. Hoovered up so many.

  • Meena Hindmarch

    I found a whole stash of old newspapers in our loft, they were really interesting!

  • Claire Nelson

    A previous owners diaries that they wrote as a child (in a box that they had kept with them as an adult). I returned them to her!

  • Nicki Simpson

    My husbands collection of empty Vimto bottles under the bed…. Could have been worse I suppose

  • Melanie Southey-Hill

    Nothing out of the ordinary…just the usual spare change, pens and crumbs 🙂

  • Lisa Mcalley

    While cleaning a new house i had rented i found a pile of porn dvds stashed in the boiler cupboard

  • Beryl drake

    When clearing a reletives house many years ago £1,000 under a record on the stacker of a record player

  • leanne perrett

    i once found my daughters braces in the back of the fridge when i was cleaning it out it was well hidden shed misplaced then 2 weeks before turns out her brother thought it was funny but forgot to tell her

  • Brenda Wilkes

    My driving licence – I had ‘lost’ it 3 or 4 years ago. I had cleaned the shoe cupboard out at least twice a year each year so don’t know where it had been hiding!

  • Cal at Family Makes

    Well, I try not to clean too much (!), in fact I’ve just asked my hubby and he said to answer “What’s cleaning?”! I usually find weapons from superheroes, boots from Action Man, or dragon flames and spears. The latter two have also been extracted from the internal workings of my washing machine too!

  • emma gough

    I found a lolly pop stick stuck to one of my daughters clothes in her draws…after I asked here to tidy her room, hmm I’m guessing she just threw everything that was on the floor into the draw! kids gotta love em! lol

  • nicola james

    i clean for a living and do a lot of deep cleans,and clearing before cleaning,you would be totally horrified at some of the things i find in the worst places,one particular house the toilet was blocked and they had a container next to the toilet,which was also full,that was bad enough,we then went on to find carrier bags full of toilet waste in all rooms of the house,that was not a pleasant job at all!!certainly went through mound of cleaning products on that job!!bah!!

  • Kate Davies

    The most unusual thing I found was the torso of what I think was once an action man in the cupboard under the stairs when we first moved in.

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