How to display kids artwork 19

I am a huge fan of art, craft and drawing (as you possibly know if you read my blog regularly) and when John Lewis Insurance asked me to share my favourite drawing of what matters most to my children  it was a hard, hard job as I love pretty much everything they produce for different reasons.

I love the act of making art and nurturing children’s drawings and one of the wisest things that I was told is to never ask what a drawing is, but to ask

“Tell me more about your drawing”

So I took this opportunity to go through my boys artwork and let me tell you there are loads of pictures of the things they draw, but not that much in the house as we gift a lot and also recycle it.  I only keep certain piece, but photograph the rest.

Displaying Kids artwork in your home

displaying kids artwork

So I have decided to share with you how we display the boys artwork round the house.

  1. We have a gallery in the kitchen where we display loads of their makes on curtain wire from Ikea.
  2. I use 3D models in place of artwork around the home.
  3. We use washi tape to display artwork on walls and doors (rotating them often).
  4. I take pictures of their artwork and then get collages printed.
  5. We add to notice boards around the house.
  6. We use magnets to pop in on the fridge.
  7. We make bookmarks from it to recycle it.

ways to display artwork

So I asked the boys to pick a one of their current pieces and explain why it matters most to them and between them they chose this lion that Maxi drew.  Both the boys adore animals and wanted to raise money for the WWF, so Maxi drew this lion for a poster at school to help raise funds.


Would you like your childs picture turned into a piece of artwork?

Take a picture of  your favourite piece of artwork by your child on the theme of what matters most to your child and  upload it to the John Lewis microsite (John Lewis Insurance competition page) with just your name, child’s name/age and your email. The winners artworks will then be worked up by a professional illustrator (Emily Woodard) into a really cool piece of art. The original and illustrators impression will then be framed alongside each other as the prize.  Please see the John Lewis site for full terms and conditions.