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DIY Autumn Paper Leaf Wreath is a paid collaborative post with Bostik. I LOVE decorating for Autumn or Fall depending on which side of the pond you live. This simple wreath is made from paper and easy to make and perfect for hanging inside.

I am all for simple satisfying crafts and this DIY Autumn Paper Leaf Wreath certainly hits the spot. Plus it is really easy to coordinate with your decor. Plus you only need a few materials and no special wreath ring.

Add autumn style to your home with a gorgeous DIY Autumn paper leaf wreath! Use our printable PDF templates to create the leaves.

DIY Fall/Autumn Paper Leaf Wreath


Follow our simple tutorial to make a  Autumnal Paper Leaf DIY Wreath  that you can coordinate to your Fall decor.

How to make a DIY Autumn/Fall Paper Leaf Wreath

How to make a DIY Autumn Paper Leaf Wreath

I used my Cricut Maker to cut out the leaves, but I have also provided you with templates.

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Paper leaves

If cutting the leaves by hand, fold a strip of cardboard (I always save cereal boxes for this) a few times so that a leaf template will fit. Then cut along the outline of the template. This method is a great way to cut multiple leaves at a time and works best with thinner papers.

Paper leaves

On thicker paper or cardstock, trace the template with a pencil and then cut out the shape

Paper plate wreath form

I love using paper plates as wreath worms. They are perfect for lightweight wreaths and also inexpensive. Cut out the centre and leave a ring the size you want.

Paper plate as a wreath form

As we are just using paper then the Bostik Blu Stick is perfect and I like using it as the glue is blue until dry and then it is clear. Also, it doesn’t dry out as some other glue sticks can.

How to make a DIY Autumn Paper Leaf Wreath

Keep layering up your leaves until you are happy with your layout.

How to make a DIY Autumn Paper Leaf Wreath

Then cut a length of ribbon and tape to the back of the plate.

How to make a DIY Autumn Paper Leaf Wreath

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