DIY braided headband (Alice band) 1

I LOVE a headband, perfect for keeping my wild hair off my face when I work espeically as I don’t like tying it back all the time. Decorative headbands are all the rage at the moment so I decided to try making a DIY braided headband.

I had plenty of velvet left after the knotted headbands, so decided to use that and who doesn’t like velvet in the Autumn and Winter?

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Make a beautiful velvet alice band style braided or plaited headbands. Just follow our step by step instructions make your own DIY braided headband.

How to make DIY braided headband (Alice band)

If you have some ribbon that is the same colour as the fabric then I would wrap that around the headband and glue in place. I didn’t have a ribbon that close in colour so I decided to wrap my headband with a piece of fabric.

Cut your velvet using sharp fabric scissors or a rotary cutter into three strips (26 inches long by 3.5 inches thick). Fold the large sections in half lengthwise right sides together and use hot glue gun to glue the two sides together, alternatively you could use a sewing machine. Turn the fabric right side out (which is what I did).

Stack the three pieces on top of each other and pin the end. Place the fabric under something heavy and then braid until you reach the length of your headband.

Pin the edges closed. You can either knot, glue or sew both sides to seal your braid. Glue works too but doesn’t look quite as clean as sewing.

Using your hot glue gun, secure the braid to the top of the headband.

Using your grosgrain ribbon, seal the ends by wrapping horizontally and secure with glue.

Just remember that hot glue is, well, hot! You could also use fabric glue but you will need to use clips to hold the ribbon until it sets.

I love that alice band style headbands are back in fashion. It is easy to make your own DIY braided headband with our simple step by step tutorial.