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DIY Daffodil Crafts for kids

I am a big fan of daffodils, in fact, they are my favourite flower and these DIY Daffodil Crafts and activities are perfect for celebrating the season, St David’s day or just the humble daffodil.  There is a fabulous selection to choose from and something for all ages and abilities.

DIY Daffodil Crafts for kids

DIY Daffodil Crafts and Activities

There’s nothing that reminds me of Spring more than daffodils, but sadly they seem to come and go really fast, so these fabulous DIY daffodil crafts allow you to make ones that will last with your children.  Get into the sunny spirit with these DIY Daffodil crafts

Toddler Daffodil Crafts

These crafts might need a little more preparation but are super fun for little ones.  The hands-on crafts focus on the process rather than the outcome making them fabulous for toddlers and young preschoolers.

DIY Daffodil Crafts for toddlers

Daffodil thumbprint ornament 

Daffodil suncatchers

Handprint daffodils

Tissue paper daffodils

Saucepot daffodils 

Hand and footprint daffodils

DIY Daffodil Crafts for Children

There is a fantastic selection of crafts here for kids of all ages. Some will work on their motor skills such as the pipe cleaner ones but others are perfect for sensory seekers such as the clay pots.

Cake case daffodils

Pipecleaner daffodils

Two colour daffodil pinwheels

3D popup daffodil card

Daffodil bunting

Egg carton Daffodils 

Felt daffodils

Pop up daffodil crafts

DIY Daffodil Clay Pots or Candle Holders

Giant daffodil pinwheels

Daffodil Crafts for Teens and Adults

Perhaps you are looking for something a little more challenging or intricate, then these are the ones for you.  I particularly love the free em broidery pattern.

Knitted daffodil pattern 

Paper daffodil wreath

Crepe paper daffodils 

Dafodill embroidery pattern

Daffodils are among the first flowers to tell us it’s spring! If you are anything like me that you will LOVE the season and I hope that you find something to inspire you or your children above.

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