10 DIY Giant Garden Games 10

We are loving the beautiful weather this summer and making the most of it with some fab DIY giant garden games.  I love garden games for keeping kids off electronics and as they are perfect for families to play as a group.

10 DIY Giant Garden Games

Some of these DIY giant garden games are borderline genius and perfect for making the most of your time with family in the garden or backyard this summer.

10 DIY Giant Garden Games

  1. DIY Yard Yahtzee – This supersized dice game is perfect for families and will soon become a family favorite.
  2. DIY Lawn Dominos – Dominoes are loved by my boys, they love anything to do with math and these are beautiful and would come out year after year.
  3. Giant Bubbles – Bubbles are captivating and when you supersize them then they become especially magical.  These are big enough go you to stand in!
  4. Giant Jenga – I love Jenga, but do not have a steady enough hand for the normal game.  Hopefully, this supersized garden version will be more my style!
  5. Cardboard ringtoss – I love that you can turn trash to treasure and get hours of fun from this fab donut style ringtoss.
  6. Big Bananagrams – Literacy in the garden.  This is perfect for older kids and adults.  I love this, it would also be perfect for playing on the beach, especially if you have a small garden.
  7. Garden Twister –  What is not to love about this fab fun game.  Lots of laughs will come with this!
  8. Life-sized angry birds game – What is not to love about throwing birds about your garden or yard with a huge catapult!
  9. Giant lawn matching game – This would be a huge hit with the younger contingent in the family.
  10. Giant Kerplunk – who else has fond memories of kerplunk?  Take it to a whole new level with this large scale version!

10 DIY Giant Garden Games - supersized means super fun for these amazing backyard and garden games. They are perfect for a family night or for weddings and parties. Children and adults alike will have so much fun playing these garden games.

Our garden is mostly lawn, but eight years ago it was just mud and stones as we moved into a new build!  Looking after the garden is down to MadDad and the boys.  We grow vegetables in raised beds and pots and I grow flowers in containers.

Now the boys are getting older they have started to help out with the mowing and strimming and we were sent a Flymo Contour Cordless XT grass trimmer to review and it has been great for them to learn how to trim the edges of the lawn under supervision.

10 Giant DIY Garden Games

I am going to admit, I hate mowing and cutting the lawn ever since I mowed through the cord on the mower!  We have special sockets fitted and nothing happened to me, but I still do not like doing it and have always put off letting the boys do it due to cords, well now I have no excuse!

10 Giant DIY Garden Games

MadDad loves the Flymo cordless trimmer.  It is easy to use, lightweight (2.4kg) and we have only had to charge it once over the summer and he has used it for both the front and back lawn each week.  He certainly finds it faster as he doesn’t have to worry about getting the cord in the way or wrapped around anything.

10 Giant DIY Garden Games

The boys are happy as they have both been allowed to have a go at it (under strict supervision) and are looking forward to being able to take over garden maintenance duties exchange for some additional pocket money)!

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10 DIY Giant Garden Games


10 thoughts on “10 DIY Giant Garden Games

  • Louise

    Hasn’t the weather being glorious! Well done Mini on helping with the gardening – grass is definitely the best option with children. x

  • Nikki Thomas

    I am loving these ideas, we have a birthday next week and I am going to try and create some of these as they will make perfect entertainment for everyone

  • Nichola - Globalmouse

    I love these ideas and the games look so great super sized! That’s such a lovely idea to pain the stones for a noughts and crosses game, I’m going to use that next time we head to the beach!

  • Jade Lewendon

    Me and Spud lived in a flat for over eight years dreaming/wishing and praying for a garden, and before I use to hate reading post like this as believe it or not they’d break me knowing that I couldn’t give my son any garden fun!

    We luckily/amazingly/surprisingly (I still can’t get my head around it) managed to get an exchange to a house in November 2014, and although we’ve got lots of work to do to the house and garden, I now don’t have to hide post like this any more and I can actually join and give things a go myself! The only hard thing is, what one would you go for first!? The chair with the balls look great, but I couldn’t work out what game it was!?

    As for the Flymo strimmer, thank you so much for mentioning this, my garden needs so much work doing to it and I’ve been looking for a brand that lives up to it’s reputation! x

  • Anthea

    I couldn’t do without our strimmer. It finishes the garden off after a good mowing but I’m the first to admit the enormous lead is a real pain. Maybe cordless is the way to go!

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