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Personalised Lag Kills T-Shirt made on The Explore One

DIY Lag Kills TShirt made on the Explore One

Do your kids complain of “lag”?  “Mum, it’s lagging” is a phrase that I hear all the time with two boys that LOVE gaming.  So when I was asked to by Cricut to review their new Explore One I decided that I would make a DIY lag kills tshirt for Maxi.

Personalised Lag Kills T-Shirt made on The Explore One

I am a big Cricut fan, I have had a Mini, an Explore and currently have an Explore Air.  The Cricut Explore One is the new entry level Explore machine and is currently £180 on Amazon UK and $150 on Amazon US.  Before I go on to explain the differences in machines, just take a look at the amazing project that I made with the Explore One.  The precision cutting experience is SAME across all the machines.  It is amazing,

How to make your own DIY “Lag Kills” T-Shirt


Plain t-shirt
Cricut Explore One
Cricut Iron on Vinyl


One of the phrases I hear a lot in this house is “it’s lagging” or the “wi-fi is lagging” – sadly this is a symptom of living in the sticks and not having superfast broadband or fibre available, so I decided that my first project would be a custom t for Maxi.  We had seen similar slogan tops on line, but none were really suitable for kids.  So I designed my own.

top 1

I used an a controller images from the image library of over 50000 images, which you get access to for free for two weeks with the Explore one and use a system font, which is free.  But you could upload or even design your own image. I set a t-shirt canvass in a customer size and colour to represent the size and colour of Maxi’s t shirt, so I could accurately get an idea of size and positioning.

mirror image

Then I set the dial to print vinyl and made sure that I set the option for mirror image for iron on and cut my text and image before weeding it (which basically means removing the parts you don;t want) and then ironing it on to the t-shirt.

How to make your own "Lag Kills" T-Shirt

I am delighted how it turned out and hope that Maxi loves it on Christmas day.  Until then you will just have to see it on a coat hanger!

DIY Lag Kills s-shirt

The Cricut Explore One

So how do you work out which machine is for you?  Well firstly let’s talk about what is the same.

  • All machines cut 12inches wide
  • All Explores have the same precision cutting and use the same blades.
  • All Cricut Explore machines use Design Space, so you can cut, design and upload images on a Mac, PC or even your Ipad.
  • All have bluetooth capability

Cricut Explore One

The differences:

  • The One is the basic machine so you can not cut and write or cut and score in one step.  You need to buy an adapter to use pens in and it is a 2 step process,
  • The Explore air has inbuilt bluetooth, whereas the one has the ability to have an additional bluetooth dongle installed.

So that it is, there are only two differences, apart from the cost!

DIY lag kills tshirt

Win your own Cricut Explore One

I am delighted to be able to offer my UK readers the chance to win their own Cricut Explore one.  Just make sure you follow the instructions below (please do read it carefully and the terms and conditions, as I hate having to disallow incorrect entries).

Win a cricut explore one
Explore One

Disclosure: I was gifted a Cricut Explore One for the purpose of this post


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