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Don’t you just love this time of year?  The buildup and anticipation to Christmas Day.  I love Christmas and all the traditions we have associated with it as a family and I especially adore Christmas Eve traditions and sprinkling DIY magic reindeer food for the reindeers and their long journey.

DIY Magic Reindeer Food

Since the boys have been small we have always made Christmas Eve special.  MadDad always takes Christmas Eve off and we spend the day together preparing for Christmas Day and then have a get together with our best friends and their kids before sprinkling our magic reindeer food on our drive before the boys do off to bed and hopefully to sleep!

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Since we live in the sticks, we try and make sure that our reindeer food is animal safe, by using edible glitter and dyed sugar, but you can use regular glitter, oh and you never need buy reindeer food again as it is so simple to make.

DIY Magic Reindeer Food

How to make DIY Magic Reindeer Food


DIY Magic Reindeer Food
  • Rolled oats
  • Cake sprinkles or coloured sugar
  • Edible glitter (Pound land currently have pots in for you guessed it a pound!)
  • Cellophane bags
  • One of our fabulous printable labels designed by The Purple Pumpkin Blog exclusively for Mum in  the Mad House
  • Stapler or double sided tape


As you are not making food, you don’t need to be exact with ingredients.  So all I do is put the oats in the bowl and then the boys go wild with all our added extras!

DIY Magic Reindeer Food

How to colour sugar

To colour your own sugar is really simple and fun to do, you just put some cane sugar in a bag and add a 5 drops of  liquid food colouring to 1/3 cup of sugar and smush in the bag.  Alternately for a really vivid colour add a few drops of gel food colour to a 5 drops drops of vodka and then smoosh it around in the bag.

To dry the sugar lay it on a thin layer on a baking tray and allow to dry for 24 hours at room temperature or pop in your oven at its lowest temperature for 5 minutes.

If you dont want to go to the trouble of colouring your own sugar, you can buy it pre coloured in the shops or you could just add a selection of cake sprinkles to the oats to jazz it up a bit

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We place our Reindeer Food in clear cellophane bags as we want to be able to see all that lovely glitter and sprinkles and double fold the end down before adding a folded label and stapling closed.

DIY Magic Reindeer Food

Free printable Magic Reindeer food labels

I have an update on last years free printable magic reindeer food labels.  These fabulous labels are been designed exclusively for readers of Mum in the Mad House by The Purple Pumpkin Blog and designed to be printed on to small photo paper (4 by 6, but you can also download them and print them off in multiples on larger paper).

Magic Reindeer Food 2015 - Red Reindeer
Magic Reindeer Food 2015 - Green Reindeer
Magic Reindeer Food 2015 - Green Snowflakes
Magic Reindeer Food 2015 - Red Snowflakes
Magic Reindeer Food 2015 - Red Stripes
Magic Reindeer Food 2015 - Green Stripes
Magic Reindeer Food 2015 - Green Dots
Magic Reindeer Food 2015 - Red Dots
Magic Reindeer Food 2015 - Red Trees
Magic Reindeer Food 2015 - Green Trees

To save, right click on the image and then click save as..

DIY Magic Reindeer Food

Why not have a good old clean out of the cupboards and see if you or family have any cereal and cake sprinkles that are past their best before and use them for your reindeer food.

DIY Magic Reindeer Food. A super simple recipe for animal safe magic reindeer food and 10 free printable labels. Perfect for Christmas Eve hampers

Do you feed the reindeer?  Whilst we are talking about Christmas make sure you take a look at the TSB Christmas Guide.

10 free printable labels for magic reindeer food. Make sure the reindeers find you and are fed on Christmas Eve with these fun, festive and free printable labels and recipe for reindeer food

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