DIY Name Key Fobs with Sugru 5

These DIY name key fobs are paid collaboration with Sugru.  I am delighted to share with you a fabulous DIY name key fob made from Sugru, which is a fab mouldable glue that turns to rubber, which means that the key fobs are really hardwearing and look amazing.  Plus they are so much fun to make with the kids.

DIY Name Key Fobs with Sugru

We are big fans of Sugru here and have used it a lot in the past to repair things around our house including our old fridge freezer and dishwasher! So when we heard about the new family safe, skin-friendly version we were existing to be able to have a play with it.  Sugru is a really tactile putty that you can mould to shapes and then when it dried it turns to rubber making it really versatile and perfect for use with children in a creative way.   So we put our thinking caps on and came up with a craft.  We have tried this with air drying clay before and although the key fobs looked great they did not last very well when put in bags or when they got wet.  These Sugru DIY name key fobs are durable and look great.

DIY Name Key Fobs



How to make DIY Name Key Fobs


Roll the Sugru in the palm of your hands to form a ball.

On a clean working surface, roll the Sugru to about 3mm thickness with a rolling pin or you can just press it down with your fingers.  Using a circle cookie cutter or small lid, punch out circles from the Sugru.

Use alphabet stamps press letters in the clay. We made some with names (short ones work better), but you could also use H for house, W for work or C for car. You could even just use initials.  Our tip is to use an elastic band to keep the stamps together.

We also stamped some with patterned stamps, both the front and the back.  We loved how these turned out.

Finally, with a skewer or straw, punch out a small circle where you will attach a keychain ring later.

Sugru takes 24 hours to completely set and turn into a durable rubber so place them somewhere safe and out of the way before adding your key chain hardware.

We decided to highlight the stamp on the white one with a gold pen.

They make the perfect gifts and I am going to be attaching them to everything now!

DIY Name Key Fobs with Sugru

We are totally in love with Sugru and are busy thinking of what we can do for Christmas with it.  Sign up to the Sugru community and get 10% off your first order.

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