DIY Snow Globe Candle Topper – Anthropology Dupe

Want an Anthropology Candle topped with a Snow Globe? I did, but I couldn’t justify the price, especially when I knew I could make DIY snow globe candle topper and have fun while making it. Plus I had a couple of days booked to spend with a friend so we decided to make a go at making our own and we were delighted with the results.

This DIY Snow Globe candle topper is a great Anthropology dupe and so fun to make. A brilliant Christmas Craft that you can personalise.

Making a snow globe is one of those Christmas crafts that you do with the kids and an upturned spice jar from Ikea, but I wanted these to really look the business.

How to make a DIY Snow Globe Candle Topper

I started by sourcing my candles from TK Maxx and measuring the tops of them. Initially, the thought was to glue the Snow globe onto the lids, but that would have made them hard to top up if there was ever any evaporation and I have since discovered the Antho ones do not have any water in at all!

Materials and Equipment

These DIY Snow Globe Candle Toppers were inspired by the Anthropology ones. They are so simple  and fun to make - the perfect Christmas Craft

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  • Plastic Snow Globes – Do not buy the hobbycraft ones, the only glue that works on them is E6000
  • Bottle Brush trees
  • Mini Christmas decorations – cake toppers work well
  • Initial – for that Anthropology Feel!
  • Mini Christmas door
  • Fake Snow
  • Iridescent glitter
  • Christmas Ribbon
  • Glycerine
  • Hot glue gun
  • Scissors

We used two different snow globes and one was really hard for the glue to stick to. In the end, I had to use E6000, which is a strong waterproof glue, but not a quick setting as superglue and this must only be used by adults. If you were not adding water then the hot glue would have worked.

Step by Step Tutorial

Start by practising your layout. You need to make sure that you get a good height and also that it will all fit into the globe and that the lid fits on before you start glueing.

We had so much fun gathering up options for our snow gloves such as mini trees, small toys and cake toppers. You could even embellish a toy truck with a mini Christmas tree. You just need to make sure that they are waterproof. There is a huge selection of wrapping embellishments that are perfect.

Once we had decided our position we used the hot glue gun to apply them to the snow globe base and allowed them to dry.

Then we made up a mix of distilled water (which helps prevent sediment or clumping apparently) and glycerine which you can get from pharmacies to float our snow and glitter in. The gycerine changes the viscosity of the liquid allowing the snow to float slower.

If you don’t want to add liquid, I saw these fab toppers where mini photographs were used to personalise them.

When it comes to adding the liquid, you want enough to fill your globe and then screw the lid on to create a tight seal. If you are worried you can add a layer of hot glue around that seal.

As our homemade snow globes fit into our candles as toppers, we placed some Christmas ribbon around the rim, so they look festive sat near them too. Instead of using hot glue, we just used glue tape.

This DIY Snow Globe candle topper is a great Anthropology dupe and so fun to make. A brilliant Christmas Craft that you can personalise.

They really turned out fantastic.